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Fortunata Designer Leather Bags

A Bit of Good Luck From Italy


Every Fortunata bag is made from the same design, therefore, each bag is cut the same way. The type of material, be it cloth or leather, is chosen and laid out to be hand cut. Cloth bags require much less time in laying the pattern, since the design and the quality are consistent throughout the roll of material. Leather, however, needs to be evaluated by the craftsman prior to cutting, due to minor inconsistencies such as: scars and marks on the hide, thickness issues, and radical color variation.


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The leather accents and handles on the outsides of the bag are also cut and prepared during this time. Once the bag's leather pieces have been cut, they go into a preparation stage. This stage includes the smoothing, buffing, and sealing of the cut pieces and edges. This next phase entails re-enforcing top handles with a hard thin plastic tubing then rolling the leather edges around the tubing and sewing them together. It also includes the placement of the rivets and metal connectors as decorative ornaments, or sewing buckles and leather accents on canvas straps.

Now the true difficultly in assembling a Fortunata bag is in matching the right accessories in the right colors. The leather accents are normally a contrasting color to the main body of the bag, which makes it necessary to properly color coordinate all additional accouterments.

This is done by using color swatches that correlate to the bag being produced. The color swatch includes: the type and color of material for the main part of the bag, color of leather handles and outside lining, inside lining, color of zippers, and color of canvas strap.

The blueprint for each bag details all the proper add-ons and measurements for the lining, zips, snaps, logos, rivets, etc. Thus for each style and color variation different colors of zips and linings are measured and cut from their spools. As always with Fortunata, color coordination is key.

Large and small logo charms and trinkets, mainly referring to Fortunata's pepperoncino - chili pepper - are then counted out, and interior pockets such as smartphone pockets are marked with the logo. Once all supplementary parts have been accounted for, the different components are wheeled over to the manufacturing tables to await assembly.

Unique to the Fortunata bag is the logo on the bottom right hand corner, each is individually embossed by hand. Since all the Fortunata bags are created as a limited edition each bag is given a number with the series to identify it as truly being one of a kind!

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