Fortunata handmade eco friendly tote bag | Pierotucci

Uniqueness  [noun].  1. ​the fact of being the only one of its kind. 2. ​the quality of being very special or unusual. Fortunata bags are unique!
The story of each Fortunata bag begins with leftover pieces of high quality leather that are recycled in a wholesome way thus enhancing the quality, the eccentricity and the colors. Fortunata bags are eco-friendly!
When a design stands the test of time it means that its style is eternal. Fortunata's design combines elegance, versatility and originality, a style that is everlasting.
Craftsmanship is the least common denominator that unites each Pierotucci product. The Fortunata bags are created and assembled entirely by hand, seam after seam, by our expert artisans.

Brilliant, reserved, playful, bold, romantic, light, dark, solid, patchwork, mini or regular: infinite variations for you to choose from … Fortunata is one of the more recent creations to become part of the Pierotucci brand and continues to be one of the most innovative designs of the company.

Made in two sizes, it is constantly being refreshed; limited edition means the bags are recreated in different colors, materials and details. The Fortunata patchwork bag is the ultimate expression of the concept of uniqueness: our artisans cut the leather and choose with care every single original color combination. There are no two Fortunata patchwork bags alike in the world!

Reuse, recycle, enhance -  actions that today have a precious, fundamental value. Fortunatas are eco-friendly bags. Pieces of leather are carefully selected and laid out in non-replicable color stories, as if putting together the pieces of a puzzle, thus adding artistic value to each bag and creating a unique and one of a kind masterpiece.

In the spring of 2020, Fortunata meets Daniela Rapisarda, an artist from Rome who has established a permanent base in New York city. From this meeting, 50 works of art painted on leather have been designed: we have called it the Fortunata Doodle collection. Each bag has its own story, has its own personality, and has its own uniqueness. All of them are entirely painted and assembled by hand with attention to every meticulous detail. 50 unique, handmade, solitary pieces.  

And you, how Fortunata do you feel?