Floré Lambskin Leather Bags Handmade in Italy

It was in the 15th century that the concept of a garden took on a new meaning in Italy:  until then it had been a mainly functional space, dedicated to cultivation and sustenance. During the Renaissance it became a concept of beauty, a pleasurable place to spend time.

New colors, new smells and new designs are all perfectly implemented: elements of evergreen vegetation mix with flowers and plants of all kinds, intoxicating the environment with delicate perfumes and exotic eye catching shades of brilliant colors. Each element achieves a different meaning from itself and in relation to others, creating a network to contemplate, discover and know.

The garden has now become wearable: pastel colored flowers on an ivory white background reminiscent of flower stalls in local markets; the elegance of a rose garden on a bright red background; exotic plants and tropical gardens which adorn Italian villas built between the 700 and 19th century on a midnight blue background. 

The Pierotucci Florè is born: 12 leather bags made in Florence to celebrate the Italian garden. Shoulder bags, bucket bags, hobo, backpack, tote bags, wallets, purses, key rings and small leather goods. We have colored very soft high quality leathers which are very resistant, with three different digitally printed floral motifs.