The Pierotucci Story from Florence, Italy

Meet the Pierotucci International Family

Our Story

Pierotucci started in the 1970’s on the picturesque via Toscanella in the city center of Florence. Their very first production included belts and men’s bags which were all the rage at that time. Piero used the knowledge he gained as an apprentice to Nardi in leather and his natural business sense to quickly establish himself in producing and distributing leather bags and accessories.

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From these humble beginnings the owner, Piero Tucci, created a group of artisans who excelled in their craft and in 1972 officially established the Pierotucci Italian Leather Workshop. Their mission was to produce quality leather bags and small leather goods such as wallets, gloves and belts. As his reputation grew the company began to produce not only their own designs but also those of others such as Dunhill, Bally, Valentino, Fratelli Rossetti, Cole-Haan and Hugo Boss. Their distinctly elegant styled creations were the mainstay collection for boutiques serving the local and tourist shoppers all over Italy. Piero and his wife Loretta opened their first boutique in 1974 at via Porta Rossa with a complete line of ladies leather handbags, men’s accessories and more.

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A Family Tradition: Made in Italy

With the continued growth of their popularity, Piero added more and more bags, wallets and even leather clothing and shoes to his collection.  In 1985 the Tucci family moved the workshop to larger accommodations, where the craftsmen had the space to create their magic. The Pierotucci workshop covers every aspect of the production. Their team has always included expert leather cutters as well as craftsmen and women who have learned the antique traditions of prepping, sealing and buffing the pattern pieces for assembling bags, wallets and purses.  The Pierotucci workshop proudly carries on a tradition of Made in Italy taking great care that each component of the handbags, business bags, wallets and accessories are sourced locally in Italy. From the tanned leather to the decorative hardware, they are all branded Made in Italy.

Initially the first designs from the Pierotucci workshop were sold in high end shops.  However through their popular catalog these classic items were sold worldwide especially in Japan, where Pierotucci had earned a name for being synonymous to quality.  Since the demand for Pierotucci leather goods continued to grow, Piero, his wife and first born opened the Pierotucci Italian Leather Showroom on April 18 1994 right next to the workshop, creating a one of a kind shopping experience.

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Now we have visitors who can choose from a wide selection of handcrafted leather bags, accessories and more while they walk among the craftsman and watch them assemble these very items. Today, tourists from all over the world take guided tours in

In addition, university and design students from the United States, England, and Switzerland visit our production department to study and learn about this traditional Florentine art.

In May 1999, with a desire to emphasize the antique traditions and the well-known quality of the Italian craftsmen, the Tucci family expanded their shop to include an exclusive Glass art and Jewelry Corner. They partnered with native expert craftsmen from Florence, Rome and Naples in order to highlight many treasures such as 18K gold jewelry, hand carved cameos in Carnelian and Sardonyx, green, red, blue and black agate cameos, glass micro mosaics and stone cut mosaics.

Since the year 2000, the Pierotucci Italian Leather Workshop has been a family organization where both of his sons and his wife participate in the everyday running of the business.