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Genuine Italian Leather Bags, Jackets & Accessories

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Visit an Authentic Leather Workshop while visiting Florence, a unique learning experience

The Pierotucci Leather Factory Tour is open to the general public and suitable for all audiences from young to mature, from students to professionals.  As you walk through the Pierotucci workshop and showroom with one of our knowledgeable guides, it will be possible to watch our craftsmen and women cut, prep and assemble bags, handbags, wallets and more.

Our native speaking English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Indonesian tour guides will


  • ->  demonstrate how our craftsmen hand select each leather hide, highlighting the characteristics that they look for when preparing to cut the various pattern pieces
  • ->  the tour will reveal how each piece is prepped, including the  inking, fleshing, embossing and monogramming
  • ->  watch as the patterns are then passed over to our experienced staff of assemblers
  • ->  every item will be assembled and sewn by hand - assuring quality on each step


It is requested that you contact us and make an appointment for your visit - however we accept walk-ins.

You can contact us via email at tour@pierotucci.com


The Pierotucci Italian Leather Workshop and Retail Shop are easy to find

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Pierotucci Features Famous Italian and International Designers

After you have explored our workshop, you are invited to browse and shop at our Pierotucci showroom. With over 800 sq. meters, the Pierotucci retail store proudly displays the leather merchandise recently produced by the Pierotucci factory including bags, jackets, wallets, belts and leather accessories.

Pick and choose from the Pierotucci designer brands

  • Pierotucci Leather Jackets


  • Royal Highness Women's Handbags & Wallets


  • Toscanella Leather Bags & Accessories


  • Fortunata Tote Bags


  • Tucci Men's Collection


  • Campo dei Fiori Women's Accessories


But that's not all there is to buy! Pierotucci proudly features other famous Italian name brands such as:


Gherardini HandbagsCaterina Lucchi HandbagsCampomaggi Bags

Moschino Love BagsNomination Fashion JewelryFurla Handbags1° Classe Bags and Handbags

As well as other international brand names that are sure to please such as:

Michael Kors on sale at Pierotucci in Florence ItalyTumi bags and luggage on sale at Pierotucci in Florence ItalyMont Blanc wallets and bags on sale at Pierotucci in Florence Italy

Leather experts are available at your disposal to answer any questions and assist in any way. With personalized, one-on-one attention, the Pierotucci showroom offers custom-made services and personalizing requests.

Learn more about our Leather Excursion Tour

While inside the showroom, you may also see the craftsmen working in the factory through our glass windows and get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Free factory tours are also available upon request.