Leather Bags Glossary

The terms used to describe leather handbags, leather purses and leather bags are as varied as the styles that are attached to them. Below we have provided a glossary of styles that we refer to in our website to describe the many styles that we offer. - can't find a term that fits what you are looking for?  send us an email and we will be happy to direct you to the right place.

Backpack a bag that is supported by the shoulders with double handles and lies across the back. Backpacks are supported on either one or both shoulders.

Baguette a small and compact handbag designed by Fendi in the late 1990s and made popular in the tv series, Sex in the City. The concept of the bag is compact and streamline with a short strap that can be worn over the shoulder.

Barrel a handbag with a long cylinder shape that resembles a barrel.

Billfold a flat wallet with a clip or slip-in compartment, which holds bills.

Box a rigid bag shaped purse, square or rectangle in shape, with a variety metal, bone, shell or wooden handle.

Bucket a roomy bag shaped like a bucket, usually has an open top and shoulder strap.

Briefcase a firm sided box-shaped work or office bag used mainly for carrying documents, files or other papers. It is carried by a short handle.

Calfskin leather made from the hide of young cattle. Calfskin has a soft, smooth texture which makes it desirable for making fine handbags.

Canvas a durable, somewhat water resistant material that is popular in backpacks and school bags.

Card case a hard case typically the perfect size and shape to hold business cards.

Carpet bag a large satchel-like bag, typically used for carry-on luggage and made out of carpet fabric.

Change purse a small purse just large enough to hold loose change. Maybe attached to a handbag; closes with a zipper, clasp or snap.

Clutch a bag with no handles that must be carried clasped in one hand or under the arm. a handbag without straps or handles that must be held or clutched by you.Clutches are usually small evening bags, and were popularized during the 1950's

Computer bag or iPad bag a purse usually a tote or shoulder bag specially designed to carry a laptop and its accessories.

Convertible bag a bag with a handle that can be tucked or folded inside, in order to turn it into a clutch.

Cosmetic case bags of varying sizes and shapes with a zip closure lined to hold cosmetics.

Cowhide leather made from adult cattle.

Crossbody a bag designed to be worn on one side of the body with a long strap looped over the opposite shoulder.

Drawstring a soft bag with a gathered drawstring closure. The drawstring, once cinched, may form into purse straps or have a separate strap.

Duffel typically a bag that is long, horizontal and cylinder in shape with short handles. A large bag made of cloth. Duffel bags are typically used to carry athletic equipment or as casual luggage.

East/west describes a bag that is longer than it is tall. See also north/south.

Envelope a flat, square or rectangular bag with a triangle -shaped top flap that folds over like an envelope.

Feed bag a drawstring bag, usually with a shoulder strap, shaped like a horses feed bag; also referred to as a bucket bag.

Flap Bag a purse that features a a folding flap closure.

Flight bag used by passengers and crew to carry on belongings aboard a plane, often has a flight insignia and used rather then a tote bag.

Glazed leather has a polished finish but not quite as high gloss as patent leather.

Half moon bag any bag shaped like a half moon, with or without a handle of various sizes. 

Hobo bag a soft, large bag that has a zip top and shoulder strap. Tends to crunch down when carried or laid down.

Kip also called steer hide, is a type of leather taken from older cattle, not as supple as calfskin.

Messenger bag a unisex shoulder bag designed to be worn across the shoulders. While a now a fashion accessory, they were designed to have the functionality of a back-pack. Messenger bags are named after bags originally used by couriers and the post office.

Minaudiere a small evening bag embezzled with pieces of metal, semi-precious stones or beads and covered with fabric or leather.

Muff a winter bag made of real of faux fur, wool or velvet that has zippered compartments and a slip opening for your hands.

North/South a bag that is taller than it is wide. See also east/west.

Patent leather an extremely high gloss type of leather finish.

Pochette/Pouch a gathered or straight bag evening bag shaped like an envelope.

Peau de soie a dull type of satin used to make evening bags.

Reptile skins from snakes, turtles and lizards used to make handbags. Reptile is distinguishable by its scaly pattern and texture. Many laws protect endangered reptiles whose skins are used to make illegal bags.

Safari a soft leather bag with a curved shape, a top zipper, two top straps or handles, and two outside pockets with flaps and buckle closures. 

Satchel a bag with a wide, flat bottom, zippered or clasped top, two handles or straps. The satchel style was inspired by a piece of luggage and can be various sizes such as the doctors bag. Satchel: n. a bag with a wide, flat bottom, zippered or clasped top, two handles or straps. The satchel was inspired by the shape and utility of luggage and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

Sheep or lambskin light fine grain leather used to make imported bags.

Shopper a bag similar to a tote but has longer straps to wear on the shoulder.

Shoulder bag any bag with a shoulder strap.

Sling Bag are like backpacks with one strap and are designed to be carried on one shoulder.

Suede a treatment applied to the flesh side of a skin to produce a napped, velvet-like finish.

Swagger a roomy, framed bag with two straps or handles, open outside pockets and a zippered or clasped open top.

Top Grain Leather the top layer of leather (leather is split into multiple layers before it is used).

Top handle a handle that is attached to the top of a bag and designed to be carried in your hands.

Top zip a bag with a main opening that can be zipped shut.

Tote a bag inspired by a shopping bag, which is sturdy and rectangular with an open top and two strap handles. The inside may have zip compartments. a bag designed as a carryall. Totes are usually sturdy and rectangular in shape, with shoulder straps and a wide top opening. Often referred to as a Shopper.

Quilted bag is quilted in texture and typically has a chain strap or handle. 

Wallet hard or soft , with zippers or snaps, has compartments for coins, bills, credit cards, etc.

Wristlet a clutch with a bracelet-like strap so that the bag can be carried hanging from your wrist.