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Caterina Lucchi Handbags from Italy

Caterina Lucchi Handbags

Discover another side of your personality with a Caterina Lucchi bag.  A unique collection of bags designed for the modern woman who knows her mind. Using a combination of different textures and colours, each bag has its own unique look and feel.

Caterina Lucchi, very similar to the Campomaggi bags concept, is a trend setting designer. Her ideal is to dress a woman who is aggressive in attaining her goals. She first began designing her own accessories and Italian leather handbags in the 1980's while still a university student studying to be a physical education teacher. Her designs very quickly increased in popularity and so her focus changed to a career in designing and manufacturing state of the art bags.


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Her handbags are completely unique and have that one of a kind feel that many designers try to, but don’t quite achieve. Using the same dyeing technique as many of the Campomaggi line, the “tinto in capo” method means that each bag is dyed after it has been assembled in its entirety. This results in no two bags being exactly alike.

It is said that these bags have an unpretentious vintage appeal and it is surely one of the desired effects. Each bag comprises different textures: smooth, embossed, laser cut or polished and will sometimes utilize even 4 or 5 different types of leather canvas, shearling and more to create the final effect.  The colors range from daring and forceful to soft and tender. Her bags are accessorized with bold tassels, tags and rustic colored hardware.  All of this simply guarantees a personality all of its own.

Caterina strives to give each bag its own personality and insists that a woman “wears” a bag rather than “carries” it. So it has to fit in with the kind of character you are. You need to feel you are meeting up with an old friend.