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Leather Excursion Tour in over 9 languages

An informative leather excursion in Florence Italy

Watch as Italian craftsmen and women work Italian Leather


Planning your trip to Florence, Italy?  Why not come and witness the timeless working traditions of skilled leather artisans in Florence while they work at producing our designer handbags and bags!

The Pierotucci Leather Factory Tour in Florence will reveal and showcase years of our fine leather heritage. This tour is suitable for families, couples, students and small groups.   The Pierotucci team offers an enriching and knowledgeable excursion which will expose you to the antique tradition of leather production in Florence Italy. We offer a professional, guided tour of our leather factory, with the objective to enhance and enlighten your experience through our trained and skilled staff.

Our tour is a great addition to any cruise ship excursion, since it gives you a taste of Tuscany Italy while offering you an opportunity to do some DUTY FREE SHOPPING.


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After the tour, we invite you to explore and a walk through our spacious showroom which is located next to the factory, providing your with the opportunity to see and touch the fine Pierotucci products. We can guarantee your complete and total satisfaction! For our shoppers with non-European passports we offer DUTY FREE SHOPPING, with Global Refund.

Pierotucci is located just a short l5 minute drive from the historical center of Florence, and for small groups we can sometimes provide a complimentary shuttle service for you. We await your arrival: CONTACT US NOW to reserve your informative tour at Pierotucci.com!  If you are traveling with an organized tour group, we are fully equipped to accommodate large groups, cruises or bus tours contact us for more.  Ask about adding us to your itinerary.


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What to expect on your visit to the Pierotucci leather workshop?

Through our guided and informative technical tour, you will have the opportunity to observe our skilled leather artisans at work. With over 35 years of leather experience and employing the highest emphasis on the importance of the quality of Pierotucci products our leather workshop is the ideal place to learn about the techniques and traditions which have been passed down from father to son, from master craftsman to apprentice.

Our time tested staff is on hand to show you their secrets and to answer any questions you may have in reference to our handcrafted items.

The tour will consist of the following:

Explanation of the Type of Leathers

Cutting and Splitting of skins

 Assembling and Stitching of the pattern pieces

 And Finishing touches


Leather Excursion Tour in over 9 languages


We also pride ourselves on the diversity of our team!

We offer our guided leather factory tour in over 7 different language including:  Italian, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Russian.   Call or email our offices to reserve your free Leather Excursion Tour today.


How to reserve your visit to the Pierotucci leather workshop?  

You can contact our Customer Service Department with an email to storemanager@pierotucci.com to reserve your tour. Please indicate the expected date and time of arrival.  Our tour is available 7 days a week - 365 days a year however, our artisans do not work on Saturday, Sunday and  Italian National holidays.  

When you arrive at the gate, please ring the bell located on the right hand side.


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