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At Pierotucci we use only top quality materials for our creations. While we work primarily with leather, we also use fabrics and furs to keep our styles fashionable and functional.

Note: Pierotucci strives to ensure that the item colours shown on the website are as close to the real colours as possible. However, the exact item colour may vary depending on a number of different factors, such as lighting and the quality of the photographs, your computer monitor and other factors beyond our control. If you have any questions about the colour of any of our models, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Alligator, Calf, Capibara, Crocodile, Croco-embossed calf, Deerskin, Embossed calf, Enameled, Mousse calf, Nappa calfskin, Nappa lambskin, Natural goat leather, Nubuck, Ostrich, Ostrich embossed calf, Pigskin, Ponyskin, Polished calf, Reptile, Shearling, Soft embossed calf, Suede lambskin , Top calf, Vacchetta calf, Washed goat leather.


Fox, Lynx, Mink, Rabbit.

Canvas, Cashmere, Cotton, Denim, Fabric, Jacquard, Linen, Nylon, PVC coated cotton, Rubber, Silk, Wool.

18k gold, Agate stone, Cornelian shell, Precious stones, Sardonyx shell, Semi-precious stones, Stainless steel.

Alligator leather (bags and small leather items)
Alligator skin has a natural, beautiful scale pattern similar to crocodile however unlike crocodile skin, there is no sensory organ (small dot) on their scales. It is extremely flexible and even scratched, it can be re-polished.

Calf leather (belts, bags, wallets and small leather items)
A high quality, full grain leather with its full naturally embossed grain retained throughout the tanning process, it is soft and resistant with a smooth finish.

Capibara leather (gloves)
This leather is taken from the unique capibara, a squirrel-like animal generally seen in South America. The skins are highly sought after because they are extra soft and supple.

Crocodile leather (bags and small leather items)
Crocodile skin is among the most sought after, exotic skin in the world. It has a natural beauty and is characterized by a small dot on each of their scales which are called sensory organs. Crocodile skin is extremely flexible and even when scratched, it can be re-polished.

Croco- embossed calf leather (bags, wallets)
Stamped using high quality calf skins, the crocodile embossed leather has the same look as true crocodile skin. It is extremely resistant and is treated with vegetable dyes for a natural finish.

Deerskin (gloves)
One of the most beautiful hides, deerskin has a tight, pebbly grain that is easily recognizable. It has soft and elastic properties.

Embossed calf leather (bags, wallets and small leather items)
This leather is also known as firm grain leather and is embossed with a fine grain pattern. this is the toughest of leathers and more resistant to scratches and stains. Made of calf skin it is less supple than the soft embossed version.

Enameled leather (bags)
Enameled leather is similar in appearance to patent leather with a smooth, shiny finish. Often referred to as tarred leather, enameled leather is buffed down then treated leaving a beautiful, glossy look.

Mousse calf leather (bags)
This high quality leather is difficult to scratch and is tanned for about 12 hours so that it can gain softness. There is no kind of covering on the surface so it has a natural aspect.

Nappa calfskin leather (bags)
Made from carefully selected, thinly cut calf skins, nappa leather is silky soft and extremely lightweight. The extra long treatment gives the skin a luxuriously smooth feel.

Nappa lambskin leather (bags, gloves, jackets and clothes)
Velvety to the touch, nappa lambskin is among one of the highest qualities of leathers and the most lightweight and soft. Its relaxed look and feel make nappa extremely comfortable. This quality leather offers great protection against the wind along with being resistant and warm.

Natural goat leather (belts, bags and wallets)
A rich leather that you can’t help but want to touch. Its natural beauty is entrancing. The rugged hide provides strength and resilience, yet is amazingly soft and supple. The wrinkled look of the grain is completely natural providing a unique personality and a distinct beauty to every piece. This type of leather grows more beautiful as time goes by and as the leather wears.

Nubuck (jackets)
Nubuck is produced from full grain leathers. The grain is abraded away to create a light surface nap. This can be adjusted to be very fine, or a longer, softer effect can be produced.

Ostrich leather (bags and wallets)
Ostrich leather is an exquisite leather, distinguished by its tell-tale pattern of quill sockets. Soft to touch, the leather is both flexible and durable, making it an ideal working material for most leather goods. Fashion houses choose ostrich leather to exhibit its beauty and high class social status.

Ostrich embossed calf leather (bags)
The ostrich embossed leather is made from select, high quality calf skins, then stamped to give the impression of the unique quill sockets seen on true ostrich leather. It is tanned and treated to retain its exquisite look.

Pigskin (bags)
Among the more durable leathers, pigskin has natural markings and pores that give it a unique look. The special tanning process used protects the skin to preserve its special characteristics.

Ponyskin (bags)
Very trendy and fashionable, ponyskin has a fur that is slightly shiny and lays very flat against the skin. Ponyskin in its natural state has a white and black pattern, although it is often seen dyed in a variety of colors.

Polished calf leather (bags and wallets)
Our polished leather is treated with a special finish giving it a smooth feel with a slight sheen. It is made from select calf skins and is strong yet becomes softer over time. Waterproof.

Reptile leather (bags and small leather items)
Leathers such as snake and python are characterized by their intricate scale pattern and gorgeous texture. These highly sought after leathers are generally used for smaller leather items.

Shearling (jackets)
Shearling is a soft, natural material and one of nature's greatest insulators. Used for centuries by humans, shearling typically features leather, or sueded leather, on one side and shorn fur on the underside. Naturally thermostatic, the soft wool fibers of shearling wick away moisture and keep moisture for year-round comfort and breathability.

Soft embossed calf leather (belts, wallets and bags)
A supple full grain leather, embossed with an exquisite pebbly pattern giving the appearance of natural grain. It is softer than the firm grain but retains its shape and will not appear slouchy. The durable leather is difficult to scratch yet at the same time it is flexible. Made of calfskin but has look and feel of the naturally soft and supple grain of goat leather.

Suede lambskin (bags, gloves and jackets)
Suede, also known as chamois, is leather that is taken from the underside of the hide and brushed to raise the fibers making it extra soft and velvety to touch. Suede lambskin is extremely soft and comfortable with a look all its own.

Top calf leather (bags and wallets)
This exquisite leather is specially treated for an extra buttery soft feel and smooth finish. It is extremely supple to the touch and over time gets even more flexible. Our top calf leather is more delicate than other tougher leathers and careful handling is advised. Our top calf leather is truly luxurious.

Vacchetta calf leather (bags and wallets)
Vacchetta calf skins are tanned using vegetable dyes for a matte finish leaving a more weathered, casual look. Soft to the touch although a little rigid to start it has a flexibility and thoughness which is totally unique compared to other types of leather. as this leather ages, its feel becomes progressively more supple. The peculiarity of this leather creates an uniqueness to each piece adding to its individual beauty. 

Washed goat leather (bags)
This top quality leather is finished and tanned under the most careful measures. Has a combination of rustic appeal with a battered edge. What makes this leather so unique is the ruggedness and the distressed look of the leather. Because the surface is not uniform each piece has its own individual beauty. Has a more smooth texture than the natural goat leather. Though it is light in weight it is highly durable.


Fox fur has long guard hairs with a thicker under-fur. The fox fur has a wide range of natural colors including: silver, blue, red, grey, and white. It can also be dyed in many colors.

Lynx fur varies depending on its origin. Canadian lynx has a creamy white tone with darker markings and the Russian lynx has the whitest and softest fur with subtle beige markings. The whiter the fur, the higher the value.

Minks are primarily farm-raised and are among the most popular furs. Mink is very soft and lightweight with long guard hairs and a soft under-fur.


Among the more common furs, rabbit fur is silky soft and generally easy to maintain. It comes in a variety of colors.


Canvas is a strong and firm material traditionally made from cotton, linen, hemp, or jute tightly woven together.

Cashmere is still the world's most luxurious natural fiber. It is made from kashmire goat hairs and it takes each of these rare goats four years to produce enough cashmere for one sweater. In order to collect the cashmere, each goat is combed by hand every spring. It is a soft, light fiber and an excellent heat preserver.

A cool, soft, and comfortable material, cotton is the principle natural fiber of the world. Cotton can withstand high temperatures, it breathes easily, and stands up well to everyday wear-and-tear.

A course and durable twill-weave cotton fabric.

A cloth produced by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers.

A fabric woven on a jacquard loom where the patterning mechanism allows interlacing of up to several hundred threads creating gorgeous patterns and designs.

Linen is a loosely woven material. Highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat, linen fabric feels cool to the touch. It is one of the strongest natural fibers.

The first man-made fiber in the textile industry, nylon is classified as one of the most versatile fibers in use today. It's strong, difficult to scratch, and waterproof.

PVC - coated cotton
The cotton is coated with a polyvinyl chloride finish. Cotton is elastic, soft, and resistant and it is a good heat preserver. It is an easy material to treat, therefore it is used to make various products.

Rubber is an elastic material taken from the sap or latex of various tropical plants, primarily the rubber tree. It is then treated and modified into a plethora of products.

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibers known to man and for centuries has been associated with wealth, elegance, and class. Silk can be worn dressy or casual and has its own natural shimmer. Silk retains its own shape and it is extremely versatile.

One of the easiest fabrics to work with, wool has a soft and fuzzy surface. Almost impossible to crease, wool is also dirt and flame resistant and defies wear-and-tear.


18k gold
Gold is one of the most beautiful of all the metals and won't tarnish or corrode. 18k gold is 75% gold with a mixture of other metals to make it stronger.

Agate stone
Agate stone comes in a variety of romantic colors. Early cameos were traditionally made out of agate stone and were preferred for their durability.

Cornelian shell
Cornelian shells are typically found off the coast of South Africa. Soft and delicate, cornelian shell cameos are often categorized by their burnt orange or light brown background.

Precious stones
Any of several gems including the diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire which have high economic value because of their rarity and appearance.

Sardonyx shell
The sardonyx shell originates from Brazil, and because it is extremely rare, cameos carved out of this material can be more expensive and very valuable.

Semi-precious stones
Semi-precious stones include gems such as malachite, lapis lazuli, coral, and opal which have commercial value but are not as rare or expensive as a precious stone.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel is a mixture of various steels alloyed with at least 10 percent chromium and is resistant to corrosion or rusting associated with exposure to water and moist air.

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