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Best Selection of Wallets for Men

Choosing the right Italian men's leather wallet can be quite a daunting task nowadays. Maybe you have in fact spent time thinking about the different types and styles.  Italy's finest leather wallets for men include:

The Pierotucci collection of Italian leather wallets for men offers choices and lots of them. Choose the perfect color and then choose your options: credit card slots, ID Windows, money clip or bill compartments. Quality is guaranteed when choosing one of Pierotucci's Italian leather wallets for men because you are guaranteed only 100% Made in Italy handmade billfolds from Florence, Italy.

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Types of Wallets for Men

The two types of most commonly used and sought after men's wallets are the bi-fold and the tri-fold wallet. As you can surely image these are exactly as they are named.

The most common is the Bi-fold Wallet - it folds over just once and typically consists of a slot long ways to store your bills. The bi-fold wallet may have 6-20 credit card slots and if you want, an additional transparent flap where your id can be stored for easy access. In Europe, where coins count for a lot, you can often find a snap closure coin case on one side of your wallet.

Next there is the Tri-fold Wallet. It folds twice creating three equally sized sections and is usually smaller but noticeably bulkier in size than the bi-fold. In many cases, there is a transparent window in the middle or side of the wallet to display your id and of course tons of space for credit cards.

Then you have specialty wallets for specific occasions. For example there is the Coat Wallet, which is a sleeker design in order to gently slide into your pocket. Or a nice Money Clip Wallet for those who are minimalists or like to change from a larger wallet to something easier to carry in the evening on a night out. Typically, one side folds open that is strictly for your bills of money and the other side of the wallet usually has about three slots for cards and on occasion, a flap for your id.

And of course, let's not forget about the Front Pocket Wallet. Not much different than a traditional bi-fold except it is specifically designed to be slim enough to fit in the front inner pocket of a jacket or blazer. These wallets tend to have more cards slots. An ideal choice for those who prefer to carry a wallet hidden from sight and have more security.

What are they saying about Pierotucci wallets for men?

Pierotucci understands the pleasure of owning a genuine Italian leather wallet for men and this is evident in the fine leather, the excellent craftsmanship and the extra touches - like a personalized monogram. D.S. from Miami, FL