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Obviously, a handbag is an important part of everyday life, and your wallet is even more important. Your wallet usually carries the bulk of all things important in your handbag:   money, credit cards, id, cherished photos, and the list goes on.  In fact  wallets for women  are like an extension of their personality.

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The most classic of Italian leather wallets is the Checkbook Wallet or clutch wallet. Checkbook Wallets pretty much serve the purpose of holding a checkbook. This typically means that they are usually longer in length than most wallets and relatively slim. And now, with checks becoming a thing of the past, many wallets are still made with this particular style in mind but without a spot to place your checkbook.

Then you have the ever so popular Zip-Around Wallet. With the zip feature, you can rest assured that nothing will fall out, especially if you're someone that stuffs their wallet to the brim. This model usually boasts a middle zipper pocket and a place for money and cards on either side.

The Zip-Around Wallet can also fall into the category of a Clutch Wallet. The Clutch Wallet usually has loads of compartments and a zipper or kiss lock closure big enough to hold your cell phone, lipstick, and keys in addition to your basics like your money and cards. In fact, it's this exact reason we have named it the Clutch Wallet because if you dare to be so bold it can all together replace carrying a bag and double as a small clutch purse.

Then, of course, you can find these models in half the size, also known as a Compact Wallet. So, if you carry a smaller bag or just prefer a smaller wallet, you still have several different styles to choose from like a Compact Clutch Wallet or a Compact Checkbook Wallet. Some may even consider the idea of having a Compact Wallet in addition to a larger wallet for special occasions. For example, when you go out in the evening time and are carrying a small clutch purse or handbag, a compact wallet may be a much better or more practical option.

Lastly, there is the Traveler's Wallet, which is often used by both men and women. There are many different versions of this type of wallet and just about all have special compartments for your passport, id, and plane ticket/s. This type of wallet usually serves more as a necessity than a fashion statement. It's definitely handy to have on the go when traveling so all of your documents, identification, and tickets are secure and all in the same place.

Of course, there are a million other wallet styles and slight variations there of. But these are a good base of styles to help you discover or understand what you need from your wallet. So whether you're a minimalist whose wallet is perfectly and beautifully organized or you experience a whirlwind of old receipts and crumpled Benjamins every time you open it up, there is without a doubt a style for everyone.