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Italian Leather Gloves - a symbol of luxury

Fashionable colors and trendy styles in handcrafted leather gloves

Italian leather gloves are the accessory of choice; comfortable and fashionable, a leather accessory is also the most versatile element for the fall/winter closet. Available in various types of leathers, such as Nappa leather, suede leather or embossed leather and combined with silk, wool or cashmere lining, Italian styled leather gloves are the most adaptable element in your fashion leather accessory collection. Mix and match with a rainbow of colors – in varying shades of black, brown, green, purple, orange and blue: Italian leather gloves are the ideal addition to creating a fashion statement.

Pierotucci Italian leather glove collection includes several one of a kind designs Made in Italy. Each handcrafted by master craftsmen, following a tradition of quality and elegance established years ago. Though most leather gloves are made from a soft and supple lambskin leather there are several specialty styles that use deer skin leather in suede and Nappa, or decorative accents in pony hair and beautifully embossed leathers giving the impression of exotic leather such as snake skin or wild animals like leopards and zebra.

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Among the best sellers at Pierotucci are the Italian leather driving gloves for men and women - an unlined leather glove with a single snap at the wrist to ensure a perfect snug fit.  We offer cutting edge leather gloves with 100% pure wool and genuine cashmere lining guaranteeing not only elegance and style but cozy warmth. For a more flexible glove one can choose either silk lining or an unlined style  to give you a "second-skin" look and feel. In every case, dress for success and wear a pair of leather gloves from Italy.

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Fingerless leather gloves are a newer addition to our collection with a varied selection of leather gloves to make texting and touchscreen phones all the more easy to use.

Pierotucci also offers leather gloves with finger tips designed to slide right over your touch screen with a high degree of accuracy. The Pierotucci Italian leather touchscreen gloves vaunt comfort, flexibility and sophistication and a very practical solution to a modern age problem. We are presenting our very own take on the leather smartphone gloves.