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It is easy to associate designer leather handbags with Italian quality and trendsetter styles. Italy has delighted the world with its new fashion designer bags and handbags for years. In fact, Italian fashion handbags are one of the most common and popular purchases anyone makes while visiting Florence Italy.

Undoubtedly known for their creativity, their passion for perfection and beauty and their adventurous personality, it is the Italian's soul that is poured into each and every production.  The Italian leather handbags from Florence and the leading fashion designers of Italy know how to use:



leather texture including: vegetable tanned leather, top calf, soft embossed leather and firm grain leather

cut  & design

quality accessories, zips, snaps and linings


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The Italians always manage to create a designer leather handbag that will accent any wardrobe or outfit. Italian handbags are decisively a step above, highlighting the rich tradition of working leather, creating beauty and dressing women with outstanding accessories. Perhaps the best thing about designer handbags is that they have no favorites and will dress up a casual or formal outfit as well as young or mature, male or female.

Toscanella Designer Italian Leather Handbags


Piero Tucci designs and creates their own lines of  handmade leather handbags in a wide variety of quality Italian material such as top calf leather, embossed leathers, pony hair leathers, genuine crocodile and ostrich leather.  View each Italian leather handbag collection from Florence and Pierotucci, note the difference in design, each with it's own special personality:


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  • Fortunata, with several versatile carrying options and a surprise with every handbag
  • Campo dei Fiori, totally feminine with a delicate floral print on soft lambskin leather
  • Toscanella, Tuscany in a handbag and accessories with rich colors and hand sewn accents
  • Pierotucci Classic, elegance for the mature bag carrier with soft leathers and neutral colors


Piero Tucci has over 40 years of experience in the leather goods market creating Italian fashion designer handbags with a team of professional and qualified craftsmen to ensure high quality handmade Italian leather goods. Visit their factory in Florence Italy to experience the thrill of seeing designer handbags being made right in front of you, ask questions to the Italian craftsmen and women who have worked their entire lives in the field of designer leather handbags and bags.

You will find discounted prices on designer Italian leather handbags from great names such as:


  • Cosci
  • Gherardini
  • Braccialini
  • Marco Buggiani
  • Campomaggi
  • Caterina Lucchi
  • Armani
  • Versace
  • Moschino
  • and more 


Visit our various sections on classic Italian leather handbags for women and kids or our  sporty Italian leather travel bags and messenger bags.  Convenient prices for hand made in Italy quality when you buy online for yourself or someone special a classic Italian leather handbag.


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