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Florence is all about designer fashion:  designer clothing, shoes and yes, designer leather handbags.  In fact, with well established and budding fashion houses residing one next to another in Florence and the surround landscape, it is a hard choice to pick just one out of all the  Italian leather handbags…when it would be so much easier to pick three …. Or four …. Or certainly more. 


Close to the infamous city walls of the historic town of Florence, where you can still stroll the cobble stone vias and watch the artisans as they create their master pieces some of the more popular fashion designers  have made their homes.   The leather handbags from big and small designer names such as :



Salvatore Ferragamo

Roberto Cavalli



are just a few of the names that are as a apart of the landscape as the popular cypress and olive trees.  Some are known on an international level and some are budding designers looking to make a name in the Made in Italy tradition.


Handcrafted Italian leather handbags are so much more than a designer label, they are a symbol of the quality, innovative design and creativity that has distinguished all products Made in Italy.  A label that is not applied lightly,  legislative decree requires a product's design, planning, production and packaging to have been carried out exclusively in Italy.

Starting with high class raw material:  Italian tanned top calf nappa leather, embossed soft leather, firm grain leather with a saffiano print, supple lambskin leathers….not to mention the excellent material used for the linings.


The next ingredient are the extremely skilled  artisans, caring on traditions that have made Florence famous on an international level.  Leather working has been a part of the Florentine economic systems since before Caterina de Medici moved to Paris and became the Queen consort of France.


Not the last – and surely not the least – fantastic imagination.  The ability to take the hides and imagine the colors, the lines, the cut and the design which will exalt both the quality leather and skilled manual labor which go into each and every item.