Toscanella - Colors and Soul of Tuscany

The name Toscanella  began as a tribute to the street where Mr. Piero Tucci opened his first laboratory in 1972, in Via Toscanella - just a few steps from the Ponte Vecchio in the historic center of Florence. From its beginning, Toscanella is a name and brand that has seen the inspiration and production of more than twenty collections that to this day still includes bags, wallets, travel bags, belts and small leather goods.

Florence in Heart and Soul

Toscanella, a brand created by the will of Mr. Tucci's sons, Matteo and Marco, who in 2005 chose to combine tradition, design and high quality to create leather bags and accessories, dedicated to the place where the Tucci brand was developed (Via Toscanella in Florence's historic center) and their homeland. The concept is inspired from the respect for nature and tradition: the choice of leathers with natural "vegetable" colors, the choice of precise aesthetic lines, the particular cuts of the leather and the careful workmanship with durable stitching - all aimed to express the declared love for Tuscany, the Chianti hills and the ancient working methods of the Florentine masters.

The Brand with the Three Cypress Trees

The Toscanella brand is represented by three cypress trees - a tribute to the Cupressus Semprevirens which makes the Tuscan landscape unique and symbolic - and from ancient tradition when farmers planted it in groups of three on the hilltops and along the country roads. All over the world, the Tuscany region and in particular, the Chianti area, are often depicted with the image of the hill with cypress trees.

The Typical Colors of Chianti and the Tuscan Region

The characteristic color of Toscanella is terracotta red-brown, a color that depicts the Chianti region in Tuscany and in particular of Impruneta, a town on the outskirts of Florence known all over the world for the fine craftsmanship of terracotta artifacts made from the local clay - vases, jars, fountains, statues - even the famous tiles that were used for the dome of the Florence Cathedral. The colors of the Toscanella collections take their cue directly from nature - from the spring and autumn colors of the Chianti hills: twilight blue, porcini brown, terracotta brown, olive green, saffron yellow, cloud white and poppy red.

100% Vegetable-Dyed Leather

For this line only the highest quality vegetable-dyed leathers are used. Vegetable tanning has origins dating back to ancient times. In Tuscany, vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition that has experienced the greatest splendor from the Middle Ages to present day. It is the tannin - an active ingredient that makes the animal hide resistant, durable, unique and immediately distinguishable - that creates a natural color and over time gives warm tones to the leather. Choosing a vegetable tanned product means owning an expression of a philosophy of life that takes pride in both traditions and the environment. Vegetable tanned leather stands the test of time - it only gets better with age and does not spoil. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain toxic substances harmful to humans or the environment and is usually well tolerated by people allergic to heavy metals.

Original Products

The Toscanella brand is synonymous with the highest quality craftsmanship. The brand consists of bags, wallets and leather goods in rich, unique and genuine colors. Two bags of the same model and color are never exactly the same due to the fact that they are made by hand. They are products made with care by craftsmen with decades of experience who have learned the traditional Florentine techniques from the master leatherworkers who preceded them. Pierotucci artisans have the arduous task of keeping alive the ancient methods of cutting, working and stitching leather - methods that are at risk of being lost if new apprentices do not join the master leatherworkers. The Toscanella branded products (bags, wallets, purses, document holders, travel bags, key holders, belts) are accessories of great value - unique, robust and long-wearing.

We try our best to accurately display the color of the leather you are viewing, however, their may be variations due to the screen you are using. Please remember there are slight differences in color due to the nature of the tanning processes.

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