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Fine Leather Goods are Synonymous with Florence, Italy

The exquisite work of our leather craftsmen is the foundation of our Made in Italy products

The quality and excellence of working with fine leathers tanned in the Florence region has transformed itself into a tradition of distinction in the creation of leather handbags, bags, jackets and accessories such as form fitting leather gloves, sturdy and resistant belts and practical yet elegant wallets and billfolds.  Though the designs and fashions come and go, it is the raw material and the ingenuity of the artisans that have maintained the level of recognition to give these high quality handmade products the name "Made in Italy," not to mention "Made in Florence" and "Genuine Italian Leather" - all prestigious distinctions that have been maintained over the years.

No doubt a gift of a fine leather handmade product from Florence is recognized worldwide as a symbol, not only of excellence and innovation, but is a symbol of "buon gusto" - good taste. A gift from Florence, Italy of a beautiful fine leather goods article is a gift that speaks volumes and lasts throughout time. At the Pierotucci online store, you can find the perfect leather gift for yourself or the special someone in your life without having to travel to Florence! Select from the various Italian leather products and apparel such as:


- high quality handbags for women, messenger bags for men, backpacks for all ages, shoulder bags, crossbody bags and shopping tote bags. Including bags for a laptop or iPad, casual briefcase or slim document holders, bags with locks and shoulder straps. The beauty and elegance of handcrafted Italian leather handbags speak of tradition, quality and luxury. Quality tanned leather, innovative designs and the option to customize our leather handbags to fit your needs make Pierotucci the number one choice online in Italy for leather bags of all kinds for both men and women.
View the Complete Collection of Italian Leather Handbags online at Pierotucci.


 - colorful braided belts, wide or skinny belts and reversible belts.
Quality Italian leather belts are made by hand in the heart of Tuscany using only the finest of Italian leather and top-of-the-line belt buckles.  
Only Pierotucci will size your belt free of charge. The process is simple. Just select the Italian leather belt of your choice and choose the length you need. Each Pierotucci leather belt is crafted from sturdy Italian tanned leather and assembled with a quality Italian forged belt buckle and is guaranteed to endure constant wear. Nothing guarantees comfort and style like genuine Italian leather belts from Pierotucci.


- billfolds for men, wallets with coin purses or money clips, women's clutch wallets and travel wallets with space for passports and travel documents
Between the models, the colors and the textures in genuine Italian leather, you are sure to find just the perfect Italian leather wallet for you.  Remember, a handmade Italian leather wallet makes one of the best gifts! A hand crafted wallet from the leather workshop of Pierotucci speaks of quality and elegance while being essential and practical.  Choose your size, your color and your style from the wide range of designer labels available ... and then monogram it with your name to make it personal! Quality guaranteed, these wallets provide a lifetime of organization and beauty.
View the complete collection of Men's Leather Wallets and Women's Leather Wallets online at Pierotucci.


- in soft lambskin, with warm wool, soft silk or genuine cashmere lining
Italian Craftsmanship is renowned all over the world for its quality and beauty.
Leather gloves are luxurious yet necessary accessories. An indulgence for men and women who like to wear elegant and classy outfits, or a needed accessory for cold climates, Pierotucci offers a large range of handmade leather gloves.
The most important thing for Pierotucci will always be Italian artisanal quality for all the products they offer, thanks to the top quality leather used for the production and to the skilled hands of the best Italian craftsmen.
View the complete collection of Men's Leather Gloves and Women's Leather Gloves online at Pierotucci.

Jackets for Men

- 3/4 length coats for men, blazers for men, leather bomber jackets and biker jackets, customized fits and soft lambskin leather, Nappa leather or washed leather designs - many styles can be altered to made-to-measure for that perfect "second skin" fit
A comfortable fit using only the best leather is the key concept behind the Pierotucci Italian Leather Jacket Collection for men.  Our designers have created a vast collection of coats and jackets for men using the latest colors and cuts and combined them with our special size customizing for the best possible fit. The latest styles with top quality leather along with a fit that suits your frame is a winning combination for your next Italian leather jacket.
View the complete collection of Men's Leather Jackets online at Pierotucci.

Jackets for Women

- 3/4 length coats for women, trench coats for women, car coats, fur-lined coats, leather biker jackets and form fitting racer jackets, Nappa leather or washed leather designs - many styles can be altered to made-to-measure for that perfect "second skin" fit
Cutting edge fashion for women from the Pierotucci Italian leather jacket collections includes a wide range of sizes, colors and designs. The latest in designer fashion fresh from Florence Italy, the Pierotucci tailors have created a vast collection of leather jackets for women. The luxury of owning an Italian leather jacket that is made especially for you with a fit that suits your frame is one of the special touches that come from purchasing your jacket online with Pierotucci. Pick and choose the combination that works best for you and request a customized Italian leather jacket in soft and supple lambskin Nappa and/or suede leather.
View the complete collection of Women's Leather Jackets online at Pierotucci.

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