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Vintage leather backpack with side pockets | Campomaggi

Campomaggi C030900ND


颜色 Campomaggi


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The vintage leather backack is a must of the season! You will find every neccessary accessory in it. This large and very spacious backpack in genuine leather is 100% handmade.

You have different pockets to organize your belonings: external pockets with snap button, one internal pocket with the zip and a card holder. The closure is with the drawstring, but you have also a flap with a snap button.

The coloring of Campomaggi products is obtained through a special dyeing process that makes each piece a unique creation with inimitable characteristics. This craftsmanship procces stains the leather thanks to the brushing method used, which is not to be considered a defect, but a typical feature of this process. Each item is unique and might have slight variations in size, weight and appearance.


  • 单手柄
  • 抽绳调节
  • 金色五金配饰
  • 仿古色金属配饰
  • 可放置卡片口袋
  • 内部拉链开关口袋 1
  • 外部按扣开关口袋: 3
  • 侧面纽扣开关
  • 可调节皮肩带,长度可达:
  • 棉布衬里
  • 重量 1.5 Kg
  • 宽度 38 cm
  • 高度 32 cm
  • 深度 15 cm


  • 天然水洗牛皮