Forza Leather - High quality leather products for your dog

Forza in Italian means “strength” and that’s our drive to create stylish leather pieces that will stand the test of time. We combine our passion for pets and leather to create these exquisite handcrafted accessories. Each leash, harness and collar is designed to ensure maximum comfort for dogs ranging from extra small Chihuahuas, small Pugs, medium Beagles and large Labradors to extra large Mastiffs.

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Forza Leather FL-PBC999GU Leather Poop Bag Holder for Dog Leashes Made in Italy

Forza Leather FL-PBC999GU

Price: 45,00

Leather Dog Poop Bags Holder - Forza Leather

Forza Leather FL-HFC999B Handmade Leather Dog Harnesses - Made in Italy

Forza Leather FL-HFC999B

Price: 129,00

Leather Dog Harness

Forza Leather FL-LFC999B Handmade Leather Dog Leashes Made in Italy

Forza Leather FL-LFC999B

Price: 99,00

Leather Dog Leads - Forza Leather

Forza Leather FL-CFC999B Handmade Leather Dog Collars Made in Italy

Forza Leather FL-CFC999B

Price: 79,00

Leather Dog Collar - Forza Leather

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