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Italian Leather Handbags & Bags from Pierotucci

Pierotucci offers an extensive selection of handbags for women and men in Italian Genuine Leather from the leading fashion houses in Florence, Italy. Each these designer handbags represents not only a tradition in fine leather goods but is a symbol of a tradition which is still passed on from father to son. Made in Italy means that the handbags were assembled in Italy - and that they come with the assurance of quality and innovative fashion. Choosing the perfect one for you is as easy as browse through our collection of over 200 Italian leather handbags and bags.

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Toscanella 2165-CU Leather Handbag with Shoulder Strap for Women Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 2165-CU

Price: 485,00

Zip Closure Briefcase

Toscanella 2015-VA Leather Business Work Bag for Women, Made in Florence

Toscanella 2015-VA

Price: 463,00

Women's All Purpose Work Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2041-VA Leather Boston style Handbag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2041-VA

Price: 334,00

Women's Boston East West Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2031-VA Italian Leather Hand Tote for Women

Toscanella 2031-VA

Price: 334,00

Hand Tote

Toscanella 2147-VA Leather Large Satchel Handbag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2147-VA

Price: 322,00

Women's Large Sized Handbag in Leather

Pierotucci 5020-KN Leather Boxy Accordion Shoulder Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5020-KN

Price: 595,00

Handbag Gentileschi

Pierotucci 5002-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel bag for Women

Pierotucci 5002-KN

Price: 599,00

Satchel Bag Mae

Pierotucci 5007-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5007-KN

Price: 555,00

Boxy Shoulder Bag Marie

Pierotucci 5010-KN Leather Convertible Satchel Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5010-KN

Price: 475,00

Satchel Bag Malala

Toscanella 2088-CU Leather Large Shopper Tote Bag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2088-CU

Price: 240,00

Shopper Tote Bag

Toscanella 2087-CU Leather Small Shopper Tote Bag, Made in Florence

Toscanella 2087-CU

Price: 172,00

Shopper Tote Bag

Toscanella 2146-VA Leather East West Handbag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2146-VA

Price: 287,00

Women's Small East West Handbag in Leather

Toscanella 2035-VA Leather Satchel for Women from Toscanella

Toscanella 2035-VA

Price: 273,00 163,80

Stylized Leather Satchel

Pierotucci 5012-KN Leather Flapover Top Handle Handbag for Women

Pierotucci 5012-KN

Price: 550,00

Handbag Lavinia

Pierotucci 5022-KN Leather Boxy Crossbody bag for Women

Pierotucci 5022-KN

Price: 715,00

Boxy Handbag Coco

Pierotucci 5023-KN Leather Round Canteen Crossbody Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5023-KN

Price: 435,00

Canteen Bag Amelia

Pierotucci 5004-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5004-KN

Price: 495,00

Mini Satchel Bag Margaret

Pierotucci 5006-KN Leather Top Handle Dome Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5006-KN

Price: 645,00

Top Handle Dome Bag Lucrezia

Pierotucci 5026-KN Leather Bauletto Handbag for Women, Handmade in Florence

Pierotucci 5026-KN

Price: 595,00

Bauletto Bag Cristina

Pierotucci 4865-CS Crossbody bag Italian Leather for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4865-CS

Price: 422,00

Crossbody bag for woman

Pierotucci 4866-CS Italian Leather Handbag for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4866-CS

Price: 435,00

Handbag for woman

Pierotucci 5015-KN Leather Top Handle Tote Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5015-KN

Price: 625,00

Top Handle Tote Clarice

Pierotucci 5025-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women

Pierotucci 5025-KN

Price: 635,00

Turnlock Handbag Rita

Pierotucci 4825-BU Women's Leather Handbags Large

Pierotucci 4825-BU

Price: 330,00

Classic Handbag

Pierotucci 4824-BU Leather Small Handbag for Ladies

Pierotucci 4824-BU

Price: 316,00

Small Handbag

Campomaggi C018660NDX0001 Washed Leather Shopper Backpack Crossbody Bag by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C018660NDX0001

Price: 453,00

Unisex Shopping Bag Backpack in Distressed Leather

Campomaggi C023010ND Leather Professional Tote Shopping Bag handmade by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C023010ND

Price: 470,00

Work Shopper Bag - Filomena

Campomaggi C023030ND Leather Professional Satchel Bag made by hand - Campomaggi

Campomaggi C023030ND

Price: 490,00

Professional Work Bag in Leather

Campomaggi C023020ND Leather Shopping Tote Professional Bag by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C023020ND

Price: 395,00

Work and Shopping Tote Bag - Filomena

Pierotucci 4666-MA Handmade Dome Shaped Leather Handbag

Pierotucci 4666-MA

Price: 198,00

Dome Handbag

Pierotucci 4810-BU Women's Soft Embossed Leather Tote Bag

Pierotucci 4810-BU

Price: 299,00

Tote Bag

Pierotucci 4611-TO. Leather East West Double Handle Tote Bag, Made in Florence

Pierotucci 4611-TO.

Price: 348,00

Leather Tote Bag

Toscanella 2082-CU Leather East-West Doctor style Handbag, Made in Florence

Toscanella 2082-CU

Price: 256,00

East-West Bag

Pierotucci 5009-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women

Pierotucci 5009-KN

Price: 840,00

Boxy Handbag Dedé

Pierotucci 5003-KN Leather Midi Satchel Shoulder Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5003-KN

Price: 555,00

Midi Satchel Bag Midi Mae

Pierotucci 5016-KN Leather Carryall Tote Bag for Women

Pierotucci 5016-KN

Price: 610,00

Carryall Tote Bag Simonetta

Pierotucci 5014-KN Leather Drawstring Top Handle Shoulder Bag, Made in Italy

Pierotucci 5014-KN

Price: 555,00

Handbag Laura

Pierotucci Floré 5032-FL Leather Foldover Envelope Clutch Bag with Strap

Pierotucci Floré 5032-FL

Price: 235,00

Foldover Clutch Bag - Floré

Pierotucci Floré 5029-FL Leather Satchel Top Handle Flapover Bag -Italian made

Pierotucci Floré 5029-FL

Price: 210,00

Handbag Satchel Crossbody Bag - Floré

Pierotucci Floré 5035-FL Leather Half Moon Bag Top Handle - Made in Italy

Pierotucci Floré 5035-FL

Price: 195,00

Top Handle Dome Bag - Floré

Pierotucci Floré 580-FL Leather Wristlet Pochette Wallet Organizer - Made in Italy

Pierotucci Floré 580-FL

Price: 43,00

Small Wristlet Wallet - Floré

Fortunata 4853-PE_Shiny_LightBlue Embossed Leather Tote Bag

Fortunata 4853-PE_Shiny_LightBlue

Price: 205,00

Handbag, embossed

Fortunata 4853-PE_Peach Italian Leather Shopper in pink peach color

Fortunata 4853-PE_Peach

Price: 205,00

Peach Tote Bag

Fortunata 4853-PE-Lilac Italian Leather Shopper Bag - Made in Italy

Fortunata 4853-PE-Lilac

Price: 205,00

Lilac Tote Bag

Fortunata 4853-PE_Blue-Yellow Women's Italian Leather Tote Bag - Blue

Fortunata 4853-PE_Blue-Yellow

Price: 205,00

Blue Shopper Bag

Fortunata 4853-PE-Turchese Leather Shopper Bag in Limited Edition - Turquoise

Fortunata 4853-PE-Turchese

Price: 205,00

Turquoise Tote Bag

Fortunata 4853-SP Cavallino Pony Hair Leather Fortunata Limited Edition Tote Bag - Orange

Fortunata 4853-SP Cavallino

Price: 230,00

Pony Hair Leather Fortunata

Fortunata 4853-PE-Fuxia Leather Fortunata Limited Edition Tote Bag

Fortunata 4853-PE-Fuxia

Price: 205,00

Fortunata Limited Edition Tote Bag

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