Fashionable and Classy Leather Pants Skirts and Vests

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Marvelous Leather Skirts, Pants and Vests - Made in Italy

Fashion forward Italian leather apparel made to order to create the fit you've always wanted. Pierotucci knows how to transform your measurements into stunning apparel that you will wear for years to come. Choose the color, style and type of leather - these classic and tasteful designs are modern in style and timeless in their appeal. They will become an extension of your personality.

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Pierotucci AB470-NA Leather Stretch Pants Jean style for Men Made In Italy

Pierotucci AB470-NA

Price: 645,00

Men's Stretch Pants in Leather

Pierotucci AB469-NA Leather Stretch High Waist Leggings for Women Selina Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB469-NA

Price: 615,00

Women's Stretch Leggings in Leather

Pierotucci AB231-NA Leather Slim Fit Pants Flat Front for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB231-NA

Price: 299,00

Women's slim fit Pants in Leather

Pierotucci AB230-NA Black Leather Pants for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB230-NA

Price: 299,00

Women's Black Pants in Leather

Pierotucci AB235-NA Leather Pants for Men Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB235-NA

Price: 290,00

Men's Black Pants in Leather

Pierotucci AB196-NA Leather Knee Length Skirt Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB196-NA

Price: 195,00

Women's Skirt in Leather

Pierotucci AB232-NA Leather short length Skirt Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB232-NA

Price: 180,00

Short Skirt in Leather

Pierotucci AB234-NA Leather Black Vest with Snap closure for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB234-NA

Price: 195,00

Men's Black Vest in Leather

Pierotucci AB314-NA Leather Black Vest with Front Zip for Women Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB314-NA

Price: 299,00

Women's Black Vest in Leather

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