Italian Leather Wallets and Billfolds

Over 50 Different Styles of Italian Leather Wallets.

Between the models, the colors and the textures in genuine Italian leather, you are sure to find just the perfect Italian leather wallet for you.  Remember, a handmade Italian leather wallet makes one of the best gifts! A hand crafted wallet from the leather workshop of Pierotucci speaks of quality and elegance while being essential and practical.  Choose your size, your color and your style from the wide range of designer labels available ... and then monogram it with your name to make it personal! Quality guaranteed, these wallets provide a lifetime of organization and beauty.

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Toscanella 630-VA Leather Slim Billfold Credit Card Wallet for Men Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 630-VA

Price: 89,00

Men's Billfold Wallet in Italian Leather

Pierotucci GI708-NA Italian Leather Card Holder

Pierotucci GI708-NA

Price: 34,00


Pierotucci GI702-CE Genuine Leather Wallet for men

Pierotucci GI702-CE

Price: 49,00

Deerskin Mens Wallet

Pierotucci GI703-CE Genuine Leather Wallet for men

Pierotucci GI703-CE

Price: 49,00

Deerskin Mens Card Holder

Pierotucci 520-BU Business Card Holder for Men

Pierotucci 520-BU

Price: 50,00

Card Holder, 2 pockets

Toscanella 641-VA Leather Wallet Card Slots Coin Holder for Men Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 641-VA

Price: 118,00

Men's Wallet with ID Window in Leather

Toscanella 629-VA Leather Wallet Credit Card Coin Billfold for Men Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 629-VA

Price: 103,00

Men's Wallet Coin Billfold in Leather

Toscanella 640-VA Leather Billfold Wallet card slots ID Window for Men Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 640-VA

Price: 87,00

Billfold Wallet with ID Window in Leather

Toscanella 643-VA High Quality Clutch Wallet in Leather

Toscanella 643-VA

Price: 224,00

Clutch Wallet in Leather

Toscanella 508-VA Vegetable Tanned Leather Credit Card Wallet

Toscanella 508-VA

Price: 167,00

Vertical Card Wallet

Pierotucci 509-BU Slim Vertical Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 509-BU

Price: 105,00

Billfold, slim vertical

Pierotucci 510-BU Slim Leather Card Holder for Men from Pierotucci

Pierotucci 510-BU

Price: 115,00

Leather Card Holder

Campomaggi C003650ND Campomaggi Wallet - C003650ND - CP0192 VL

Campomaggi C003650ND

Price: 136,00

Wallet in Washed Leather

Pierotucci 506-BU Soft Italian Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 506-BU

Price: 145,00

Soft Leather Billfold

Toscanella 642-VA Compact Wallet in Leather, Chose Your Color!

Toscanella 642-VA

Price: 182,00

Compact Wallet in Leather

Toscanella 506-VA Practical Trifold Clutch Wallet Made in Italy

Toscanella 506-VA

Price: 172,00

Trifold Clutch Wallet

Toscanella 509-VA Stylized Men's Leather Wallets

Toscanella 509-VA

Price: 123,00

Multi Pocket Wallet

Campomaggi C000100ND X0074 Campomaggi Washed Leather Wallet with Stud Detailing - 000100ND

Campomaggi C000100ND X0074

Price: 198,00

Washed Leather Wallet with Stud Detailing

Campomaggi CP0179VL Clutch Wallet in Leather - CP0179 VL

Campomaggi CP0179VL

Price: 145,00

Clutch Wallet in Washed Leather

Toscanella 550-VA Men's Leather ID Wallet

Toscanella 550-VA

Price: 92,00

Wallet, ID Window

Campo dei Fiori 582-FL Campo dei Fiori Slim Wallet  with 10 credit card slots

Campo dei Fiori 582-FL

Price: 87,00

Slim Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 554-FL Cute Leather Wallet from Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei Fiori 554-FL

Price: 184,00

2 Section Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 508-FL Womenì's Wallet from Campo dei Fiori Leather Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 508-FL

Price: 140,00

Vertical Card Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 583-FL Large Multi-Purpose Wallet for her from the Campo dei Fiori Line

Campo dei Fiori 583-FL

Price: 120,00

Large Multi Pocket Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 510-FL Campo dei Fiori Leather Multi-Pocket Wallet for her

Campo dei Fiori 510-FL

Price: 135,00

Multi Pocket Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 573-FL Travel Accessory Leather Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 573-FL

Price: 55,00

Large Fold Over Wallet

Pierotucci 577-CU Pierotucci - Wallet Compact with Coin Case in Leather

Pierotucci 577-CU

Price: 55,00

Wallet Compact with Coin Case in Leather

Toscanella 628-VA Leather Wallet Billfold with Coin Purse for Women Made in Tuscany

Toscanella 628-VA

Price: 137,00

Women's Small Wallet in Italian Leather

Toscanella 507-VA Bi-Fold Clutch in Vegetable Tanned Leather

Toscanella 507-VA

Price: 163,00

Bi-Fold Clutch

Toscanella 515-VA Great Gift Idea, Leather Wallets

Toscanella 515-VA

Price: 110,00

Vertical Credit Card Wallet

Toscanella 553-VA All Leather Womens Wallet Compact

Toscanella 553-VA

Price: 175,00

Compact Wallet & Snap

Toscanella 513-VA Wallet & Coin Purse in Real Leather

Toscanella 513-VA

Price: 136,00

Wallet & Coin Purse

Toscanella 514-VA Real Vegetable Tanned Leather Wallets

Toscanella 514-VA

Price: 119,00

Compact with Coin Purse

Toscanella 512-VA Compact bi fold wallet

Toscanella 512-VA

Price: 154,00

Compact, Bifold

Pierotucci 512-BU Compact Leather Wallet with Coin Purse

Pierotucci 512-BU

Price: 135,00

Wallet & Coin Purse

Pierotucci 553-BU Compact Leather Card Holder for Womem

Pierotucci 553-BU

Price: 155,00

Leather Card Holder, compact

Pierotucci 507-BU Small Soft Embossed Leather Wallet

Pierotucci 507-BU

Price: 140,00

Small Leather Wallet

Pierotucci 514-BU Leather Walletc & Coin Pocket from Florence

Pierotucci 514-BU

Price: 99,00

Wallets & Coin Pocket

Campo dei Fiori 512-FL Campo dei Fiori Wallet for her with coin pocket

Campo dei Fiori 512-FL

Price: 135,00

Bi-Fold Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 553-FL Compact Wallet with Coin Purse in Leather

Campo dei Fiori 553-FL

Price: 170,00

Compact ID Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 513-FL Leather Wallet for her with coin pocket

Campo dei Fiori 513-FL

Price: 115,00

Wallet for Her

Campo dei Fiori 514-FL Cute Compact Wallet for Women

Campo dei Fiori 514-FL

Price: 99,00

ID Wallet

Campo dei Fiori 572-FL Medium Sized Fold Over Travel Accessory

Campo dei Fiori 572-FL

Price: 39,00

Fold Over Wallet, medium

Toscanella 601-VA Leather Billfold with Coin Purse

Toscanella 601-VA

Price: 141,00

Billfold, Intrecciata

Toscanella 549-VA Money Clip Wallet

Toscanella 549-VA

Price: 79,00

Wallet & Money Clip

Toscanella 552-VA Men's Classic Leather Wallet

Toscanella 552-VA

Price: 111,00

Men's Leather Wallet

Toscanella 517-VA Italian Leather Wallets for Men, slim

Toscanella 517-VA

Price: 87,00

Wallets, slim

Toscanella 551-VA Italian Leather Billfold for Men

Toscanella 551-VA

Price: 121,00

Billfold & ID Window

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