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Street Ballet Shoes

Porselli is the emblem of the Italian Ballet Shoes craftsmanship's excellence. The Porselli Street Flat is the ideal "ballerina" ballet flat to transport you into the limelight of your daily experiences and make you the brightest star of that wonderful show called life. The Brand is famous all over the world for its quality, elegance and comfort which all started when they began producing Ballet Shoes for dance - the Classic Pointe - in 1919 in Milan, near the Teatro della Scala.

From their beginning, Porselli have continued to update ballet shoe styles and have added five different models of Street Ballet Shoes whose fame reaches across the entire globe:

  1. Total Flat no heel
  2. Street Flat 0,5 cm heel
  3. Decolleté  3 cm heel
  4. Jazz Shoes lace-up
  5. Boots slip on ankle boot
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