Who is Pierotucci srl

Meet the Pierotucci International Family

Who is Pierotucci Italian Leather Factory?

Pierotucci is an international family

When Piero Tucci started his business in the early ‘70’s he was thinking of serving the Italian market with quality made Italian leather bags and accessories.

However it didn’t take long for his innovative designs and reputation for excellence to become well known on an international level. It was a natural evolution that the Pierotucci staff began to add to their ranks, representatives from all over the world, including Japan, United States, England, Italy, China, Indonesia and Thailand. 

As their fame grows, so does their international staff.

For over thirty-five years the Pierotucci Leather Workshop has been built on tradition and age old methods to cut, prepare and assemble their wide selection of leather bags, handbags, jackets and fine leather goods, meet the people responsabile for producing our quality leather products :

Craftsmen and Artisans from Pierotucci

Always striving to keep up with the times - in the workshop Pierotucci is always looking for new designs and in the store they have opened up to Internet, offering their entire range of handmade Italian leather goods to an ever increasing international market, learn more about our internet staff:

Ecommerce Department for Pierotucci


Pierotucci  excels in producing a quality product which will compliment any retail environment, it is possible to feature Toscanella, Campo dei Fiori, Fortunata, Tucci or any of the products exhibited online:


Wholesale Orders

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