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Watch as Italian artisans work Italian Leather

Tuscany, and in particular Florence, is renowned all over the world for the tradition of superb craftsmanship in the field of leather and leather processing. Planning your trip to Florence, Italy? Why not come and witness the timeless working traditions of skilled leather artisans in Florence while they work at producing our designer handbags! The visit is certainly an extra experience that will enrich your stay in Florence, a must-see opportunity to learn more about leather goods and how they are made, so when you finish the tour in the Pierotucci Leather Store you will be confident in knowing that the products you are purchasing are high quality and handmade, and available at DUTY FREE prices (available for non-EU customers).

After the tour, we invite you to take a stroll and explore our spacious showroom which is located next to the factory, providing you with the opportunity to see and touch exquisite Pierotucci products. With over 800 m² our store proudly showcases the leather goods produced directly in our laboratory, such as bags, travel bags, jackets, wallets, belts, leather ties and practical and fashionable leather accessories. An unmissable opportunity for those who love leather goods and for those who want to know more about this wonderful antique luxury art.

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What to expect from visiting our leather workshop

Through our guided and informative technical tour, you will have the opportunity to observe our skilled leather artisans at work. With over 40 years of leather experience and placing the highest emphasis on the importance of the quality of Pierotucci products our leather workshop is the ideal place to learn about the techniques and traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation, from master craftsman to apprentice.

Our staff are on hand to show you their secrets and to answer any questions you may have in reference to our handcrafted items.

The tour will consist of the following:

  1. Explanation of the Type of Leathers.
  2. Cutting and Splitting of skins: it will be shown how our artisans select each skin by hand, highlighting the characteristics they are looking for before preparing to cut the various pieces that will be used to make the model.
  3. Assembling and Stitching of the pattern pieces: you can see how the models are then passed on to our expert assembler staff so that each element can be assembled and sewn by hand, ensuring quality at every step.
  4. Finishing touches: the tour will reveal how each piece is prepared and finished, including ink, fleshing, embossing and monogram.

Who is the tour for?

The Pierotucci laboratory will show you the techniques inherited from the most ancient Tuscan tradition. The guided tours are open to:

- Families
- Students 
- Groups (from 1 to 8 persons)
- Groups (8 persons or more)

And anyone who is curious and interested in learning something more about leather processing, our staff will explain to you both the history of Pierotucci and the working techniques that our artisans have learned over time and that are still used today to create our leather goods.

In which languages is the tour available?

We offer our guided leather factory tour in several different langues including Italian, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Russian.

Our Location:

Pierotucci Srl
Via Lungo L'Ema 17
Bagno a Ripoli, Florence Italy 50012

On Map:

Pierotucci is located just a short 15 minute drive from the historical center of Florence. We are located at the highway exit of Firenze Sud on the main Italian highway and right along the Via Chiantigiana for those who are heading towards Chianti and Siena.

If you need directions on how to find us you can call our offices Phone +39 055 641143 and one of our staff will be able to give you more information on how to reach Pierotucci by car or bus. If you are traveling with an organized tour group, we are fully equipped to accommodate large groups, cruises or bus toursplease contact us for more information. Ask about adding us to your itinerary.

How to reserve your visit to the Pierotucci leather workshop?

You can book your visit by filling out the form or you can call our offices at +39 055 641143 or you can send an email to specifying: 

  1. Date and time of arrival.
  2. Number of persons in your group
  3. Contact phone number and /or email
  4. Preferred language for tour

Our tour is available 7 days a week - 365 days a year however, our artisans do not work on Saturday, Sunday and Italian National holidays.

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