18k gold frame Wearable both as a pendant and a brooch

Pierotucci A021-40



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Descrizione prodotto

Blue Agate stone cameo of a young woman Simply breathtaking, the chiseled features of the young woman displayed in this Agate stone cameo are offset by her flowing locks of hair which are neatly tied back by a bow. A row of flowers adorn her bodice and fr
Blue Agate Stone Cameo Brooch & Pendant: Oval-Shaped Portrait of a Young Lady. 100% Made in Italy


  • Cameo width cm 4
  • Cameo with necklace hook
  • Cameo with pendant pin
  • Larghezza 3.2 cm
  • Altezza 4.2 cm


  • oro 18k
  • Pietra agata

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