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Weight: approximately 8 gr. Set in 18k yellow gold - Pierotucci



Pierotucci CI15-00_01

Descrizione prodotto

18K gold Brunelleschi Dome of Florence pendant The Dome of Florence by Renaissance artist Filippo Brunelleschi is one of the most famous and spectacular monument in the world. The result of 170 years of work, it stands boldly in the centre of Florence amid enthralled crowds of people every day. You cannot come to Florence and not see the Duomo. Brunelleschi's majestic Cupola has been recreated in this charming 18k yellow gold pendant. It has a unique matt finish and has been perfectly shaped to be an impressive addition to your jewelry box. This striking Italian pendant will be a constant reminder of an unforgettable trip to Florence.
18K gold Brunelleschi Dome of Florence pendant | Quality Handmade 18K Florentine Gold Jewelry for Pierotucci


Peso 0.008 Kg
Larghezza 1.7 cm
Altezza 2.5 cm


oro 18k

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