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Campomaggi Secchiello Piccolo in Vacchetta con Intreccio - 006490ND


Secchiello Piccolo in Vacchetta con Intreccio

Campomaggi C006490ND X0019

Price: 290,00
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Descrizione prodotto

A small essential drawstring crossbody bag. Practical and comfortable, with a vintage flair this essential leather crossbody bag from Campomaggi is all you need when running about town. A perfect size bag for fitting your phone, small wallet and those other small items you cannot do without.

A drawstring closure makes for easy access and the hands free long adjustable cross body strap makes you feel so light and free. Cotton lining and internal zipped pocket for extra security.

The coloring of Campomaggi products is achieved through a special dyeing process making each piece a unique creation with inimitable features. This artisanal work stains the leather due to the method of brushing, which is not to be considered defects, but a typical characteristic of this process, making each article unique and exclusive. Since Campomaggi is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, there may be slight variations in size, weight and appearance of the article, compared to the sample demonstration photo.


Dimensioni Prodotto:

1 2 3 4
Grigio Perla 19 cm 17 cm 17 cm 29 cm
Testa di moro 19 cm 17 cm 17 cm 29 cm


drawstring regulator
Tracolla regolabile in pelle lunghezza fino a : 37-62cm
Taschino interno con zip: 1
Sacca protettiva in tela
Peso 0.4 Kg


Vacchetta Naturale Lavata

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