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As a result of handmade production each piece may have up to 5% variation in weight from the indicated value. Weight: 2,7 gr. - Pierotucci



Pierotucci CI02-00-RB_05

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Pendant: Small Heart in 18 K gold
Florence is famous for producing exquisite pieces of jewelry and this 18 carat gold hand crafted heart shaped pendant is no exception. Inspired from as far back as the Renaissance, the intricate flower and leaf design is a wonderful reminder of Florence's glorious past. This is the smallest of our heart collection, so if you are looking for something that is delicate and refined, yet radiates class, this is certainly for you. The eye hook has a continuation of the leaf design so the beauty of this piece continues right through to the very last detail. Whether you choose stunning white gold, classic yellow gold, or the typical Florentine rose gold which is now becoming ever more popular, you will be enchanted with this magical heart.
18k Italian Gold Pendant: | Hand Crafted Leaves in the Shape of a Small Heart |


5% variation in weight
Weight 2.7gr.
Larghezza 1.5 cm
Altezza 2.6 cm


oro 18k

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