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Leather tab for opening Rounded cup to hold change when open Compact design Rich Florentine colors - Pierotucci

on 2019 Apr 03
I carry I product for small change. I would recommend this highly

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2019 Jan 31
Excellent service and product.

2018 Dec 08
For myself and as gifts. Quality is very good. The product speaks for itself.

2018 Aug 02
Use everyday for spare chanfe

2018 Mar 20
Love the leather coin case. Professional service.

2018 Jan 13
Product is excellent. IAW description on Web-site. Use:daily.

2017 Dec 05
All I can say is FANTASTIC!

2017 Sep 03
Great product. Good seller. Service efficient and friendly. Shipping costs high

2017 Aug 31
It is just what I wanted. So unique and it works as I want it to. I will buy more as presents for my friends. So glad I can get these this way. I am a happy customer

2017 Aug 13
People I meet sometimes notice the coin purse, and remark on its originality and look. I always recommend they buy one but most won't pay the price!

2017 May 27
Ideal for bringing order to your pocket. All coins easily accessible and yet the coin case fits the pocket nicely.



Pierotucci 70185

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Descrizione prodotto

Pierotucci Rounded Florentine style coin purse
A true relic! This authentic Italian Florentine coin holder is the exact original design of the coin holders that were used by Florentines for decades and continue to be used to this day. What is
Quality Fine Italian Leather Accessories from Pierotucci | Handcrafted Italian Leather Coin Purse from Florence


Larghezza 7.5 cm
Altezza 7.5 cm
Profondità 1.5 cm



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