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Элитный портфель из натуральной итальянской кожи - Pierotucci

on 2017 Apr 08
I saw cheaper bags shouting how expensive and "exclusive" and BRANDish they are. But when you touch them there's alway something badly made or cheapish details like a nasty plate of plastic badly hidden behind a polyester cloth, handle making a funny metallic noise, myriad of inner bags and slots and zips...
NONE of that is there with Pieroticci products. There isn't a speck of this naive bravado. Just sombre craft. Even the logo is inconspicuous. A celebration of the materials and the function. Simplicity and refinement in one. For example the briefcase I bought nicely keeps shape yet when I open it, the leather, although quite thick, is beautifully soft. It's a real pleasure to use it. The striking simplicity celebrates the function. And materials? There's the leather, a nice cloth, the buckle and the thread to put them together - even the handle is pure leather. I can't imagine anyone using this bag being other than elegant. It's sort of a grey Ferrari - not trying to catch attention while still being a Ferrari.
One reservation with this particular bag is that there could be one more tone in between the dark brown, which is not that far from black and the camel one which I find a just a bit too light. And overall - you could perhaps do more photos and maybe in daylight with real people :-)

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Элитный портфель из кожи

Pierotucci 4813-BU

Price: 360,00
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Элитный портфель от Pierotucci выполнен из натуральной итальянской кожи с тиснением. Этот шикарный деловой портфель сделан в классическом стиле, имеет три секции внутри и несколько многофункциональных кармашков. Красивый и элегантный портфель изготовлен в трех деловых цветах, поэтому Вы всегда сможете подобрать цвет под себя.


Product Measurements:

1 2 3 4
универсальный размер 27.5 cm 15 cm 40.5 cm 4 cm


Одна ручка
Jacket pockets, external with zip
Внутренний карман на молнии
Внутренний открытый кармашек
Внутренний кармашек для телефона
Подкладка 70% хлопок, 30% полиэстер
Накидная застежка с пряжкой
Вес 1.5 Kg


Мягкая тисненая кожа

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