Army Green Backpack Leather & Nylon Camouflage/military cowhide/print

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€ 475,00
코드 COD. 16765 | MOD. C019530ND | 색 : 녹색

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Army Green Backpack Leather & Nylon Camouflage/military cowhide/print
€ 475,00
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With a mixture of camouflage stamped nylon and leather, this versatile backpack will be your constant companion whatever you are doing. Hold the bag with the normal carrying handle, slip it onto your back or attach the adjustable crossbody strap - you have complete freedom to transform it to your liking. The bag is made in an olive green nylon fabric with Teodorano print and piece dyed natural cowhide leather accents that gives it, like all Campomaggi distressed bags, a unique lasting and non-seasonal vintage look.

This bag features a flap over with buckle strap, underneath a hidden drawstring closure, 2 large external buckle closure side pockets, an interior compartment with snap, a key chain holder and loads of space to even use as an overnight bag. Finished with a rugged nylon lining.

The coloring of Campomaggi products is achieved through a special dyeing process making each piece a unique creation with inimitable features. This artisanal work stains the leather due to the method of brushing, which is not to be considered defects, but a typical characteristic of this process, making each article unique and exclusive. Since Campomaggi is synonymous with handmade quality and craftsmanship which means no two are exactly alike, there may be slight variations in size, weight and appearance of the leather item you receive as to the one shown in the photo.

Peso : 700 g
Altezza 36.0 cm
Larghezza 42.0 cm
Profondità 20.0 cm
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Shoulder single leather strap
Adjustable/Removable leather strap
Flap over closure with buckle
Nylon lining
Internal pocket with snap closure
External pocket with buckle closure
Key chain holder
Protective storage bag
Drawstring for size regulation

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