A Guide to help you find your perfect "Second Skin" at Pierotucci - Florence, Italy

When you read that a size 10 matches a size 44 in European sizes, be aware that you should always (always, always) check the centimeter or inch measurements as well. This is especially true when you are looking at handmade or designer models of leather jackets, skirts, pants and even vests, like those found online at Pierotucci.

The first guideline when purchasing online is to start with some common ground between you and the online size charts in order to guarantee the best possible fit. We measure each jacket so our size charts give the actual jacket measurements. It is important to understand that the chest measurement of a jacket must be larger than your actual chest measurement to assure a perfect fit. Women usually need to add at least 1.5.-2.5 inches (2.5 - 5 cm) on the chest measurement and men need around 5-6 inches (12 - 15 cm)more, depending on whether you want a loose fit or a form-fitting leather jacket.

How to take your body measurements

For the most accurate results, we suggest that you take your measurements wearing light, fitted clothing and, if possible, have someone else do the measuring. You will need a flexible tape measure used by a tailor. When taking your body measurements it is fundamental to relax and not to pull the tape measure too tight.

Begin at the upper part of your body, from the shoulders down to the hips. The circumference measurements must be taken by keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor, while the length measurement should be perpendicular to the circumference measurements. In the following sections, we have given more detailed explanations.

Here are some images showing how to take body measurements:

How to measure a jacket you already own

We recommend that you measure a jacket you already own that has a similar cut to the jacket or coat you want to buy to make a more appropriate comparison.

How to get the most accurate measurement? Button or zip the garment closed, lay it on a flat surface front side facing down and smooth it out by "ironing" it with your hands.

  • Shoulder width (on the Pierotucci diagram this refers to C): taken across the back from the shoulder/sleeve seams 
  • Chest measurement (B): at the point where the seams meet at the armpit we measure across the back to the other armpit; this measurement is multiplied by two
  • Length (D): the distance from the base of the collar down the back to the base of the hem 
  • Sleeve length (A): the measurement taken from the shoulder seam down the sleeve to the bottom of the cuff

How to take measurements for Pierotucci Leather Jacket

Pierotucci Leather Factory offers some standard guidelines for finding your perfect "second skin" fit with their online leather garments.

  • Shoulder
  • Sleeve
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Length
  • Pants
  • Skirt

  • Shoulder measurements for an Italian leather Jacket from Pierotucci: Typically, this shoulder to shoulder measurement is taken from the joint where your shoulder meets your arm, across the upper back to the corresponding joint. Some customizations will tell you to measure from the shoulder blade to the neck, but Pierotucci prefers a full shoulder measurement. Even though jackets which do not have defined shoulder seams (such as a raglan sleeve) can be fitted without this measurement, it is still important. It is also not a defining measurement for a vest, but it does help to make the fit as perfect as possible.
  • Sleeve measurement for a perfect fit leather jacket sleeve: Let your arm fall naturally (and straight), then measure from the joint where the shoulder meets the arm to the joint of your thumb. Unless the sleeve cuff has special snaps, buckles, zippers, etc. Pierotucci will normally suggest that you have the length altered at a local tailor or leather repair and alteration specialist. Any special customization on a jacket normally means that it is not returnable or refundable, so for an easy cuff alteration we recommend that you try the jacket on at home and confirm the fit is correct before deciding if altering the sleeve length is necessary. This is also a simple measurement to accurately determine therefore we think it best to have the sleeves altered locally and save yourself any disappointment. A good local tailor can easily do this adjustment.

  • Chest measurement for a comfortable fitting leather jacket: You will want to measure the circumference of your chest at its widest point which is normally right underneath your arms and across your breast plate. We suggest that you measure over a sweater since a jacket should fit close to the body with room for a layering piece.
  • Waist measurement: You will want to measure at your natural waistline, which is normally just above your belly button. You can pinpoint your natural waistline by bending to one side and finding the natural crease. Both the chest and waist measurements are key to an impeccable "second skin" fit. The chest measurement will allow us to evaluate your jacket size properly. Since many leather jacket styles are “fitted” and will hug your figure, it safe to say that accurate measurements will assure that you receive the jacket that looks and feels like it is a part of you. If you like to where bulky sweaters or many layers, let us know to help us decide whether you need a size up.

  • Length on a jacket refers to the total length of the body of the jacket. To measure, start from the base of the neck to where you want the jacket to hang down your back. Generally speaking, unless you are ordering a made-to-measure jacket instead of buying one our standard sizes, the jacket length will be made in proportion to the cut and fit of the jacket. If the length is customised, it will be non returnable.

Important measurements for Leather Pants

  • Hips: Look for the widest point on your hips and measure circumference
  • Waist: Just above your belly button
  • Crotch: For a good fit on your pants, put on a pair of pants with the waist drop exactly where you want it and then measure from the back of the pants, through your legs to the top of the front of the pants.

Important measurements for Leather Skirt

The length of the skirt should include the waistband. If you are unsure, the hem can be left unfinished and you can have it finished locally. You may not always be sure which pair of shoes or boots you want to wear with the skirt so we recommend you try it on first with various accessories before deciding on the hem length.