florence duomo

Florence and the Chianti region are our places of birth and our sources of inspiration for creating leather products and new collections. Florence, the capital of the Renaissance and one of the world’s major fashion hubs, is our motivational center for creating trendy, modern, chic leather bags and accessories. The Chianti region is the heart of a way of life, a magical place to live, one of the most beautiful places on earth and what sparks our artistic visions to create top of the line leather accessories. We live and work here, driven by a spirit of innovation also tied to our masters' ancient leather processing techniques. Our goals thrive on making classic, fashion forward bags and accessories in new ways to interpret future trends.

100% Florentine

Each item is entirely designed and made in our factory in Florence. Everything starts from an idea, a drawing which then becomes a project and then a product. A fusion between past and present, ancient techniques with experimentation with new materials and workmanship enhanced by hand-finished details. Our personal touch that makes every single product a unique piece.

Long life craftsmanship

Choosing Pierotucci means helping Italy and artisan companies, but it also means staying in touch with Florence and its wonderful Chianti hills. The careful attention to the materials we use and the knowledge of tradition are values we firmly believe in and remain close to our hearts and souls in our daily work. 

We only use High Quality Leather and Natural Materials for creating products and accessories that stand the test of time.