Campomaggi Leather Bags and Accessories

A Unique Perspective

It is without a doubt that Campomaggi leather bags are on the cutting edge of fashion and it is clear that they are designed to appeal to those who want a bag that will hold up to a rugged regime while at the same time be visually appealing. Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs collections which combine the ancient art of leather processing with creativity, precision and diligent care in craftsmanship. It is easy to see why this Italian designer has had so much success: Campomaggi bags are versatile, practical and aesthetically attractive.

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“Leather is a living material, its entire story is written on its surface.” Marco Campomaggi

Created in 1990 by the famous fashion designer Marco Campomaggi, his leather bags and accessories boast a style that is rugged chic and possess a distinctly handcrafted look and feel. The unique manufacturing process using 100% Italian full-grain leather undergoes a dying process called "tinto in capo" - garment dyeing. Each bag is completely assembled from leather to hardware before going through the distressed leather process. This translates into distinct variations in each and every production. Every aspect of these bags can vary from the color to the size. The washed leather treatment can affect the size of the final product with variations of up to 3 - 4 cm. And this means that Campomaggi will never create two bags which are exactly alike. In fact, while preparing the bag for the final phase, no effort is made to inhibit the leather from folding or curling, thus enhancing the uniqueness of every bag.

Pierotucci offers a large variety of styles: bags that are large and roomy, with ample space for a laptop computer or an iPad; smaller bags to hold daily essentials, wallets and pouches. The thick cut leather gives these leather accessories extra protection from the knocks and bumps a Kindle or iPad may experience during its travels. The Campomaggi bags are extremely versatile, complimenting perfectly a pair of jeans or matched with a wool blazer. It is obvious why this designer has made a splash in the market with his use of distressed leather, his focus on the natural defects found in the leather and its unique beauty.

A Campomaggi bag is a choice for unique one-of-a-kind bag enthusiasts, who embrace the true concept of vintage inspired leather goods.