OUR STORE - Boutique

Boutique in via De Gondi, Firenze.

The Pierotucci boutique is located in the heart of Florence's high-end fashion district in the city center just a few steps from Piazza della Signoria and from the Renaissance artistic masterpieces that have made the city famous. The shop is situated inside the Palazzo Gondi which is one of the few historic residences still belonging to the descendants of the family that built it in the 1490s.

The boutique houses 100% Made in Italy artisanal leather clothing and accessories including the Pierotucci collections such as Toscanella, Pierotucci and Fortunata that are handmade in the factory at the headquarters located a few minutes outside of Florence. Distributed on about 300 square meters of floor space, choose among Pierotucci leather products such as bags, jackets both elegant and sporty, a vast selection of small leather accessories - all handmade artistry dedicated to the art of leather processing.