Products designed exclusively for you

The luxury of buying from an artisan workshop. Pierotucci's artisans are able to personalize your items making them extra special - because happy clients makes us happy. Most of these made-to-measure customizations are completely free, while other modifications carry a small customization fee.

Our personal shoppers are available to help you find the right product by giving essential advice and offering valuable suggestions. Their focus is to find the perfect item according to the client's needs - customer satisfaction is our strength and what we strive to give. Our client’s tastes and requirements are paramount and we will ensure our client receives the perfect product.

Monogram/Name tag: a name or your initials can be embossed into the leather using a heated method so it lasts for a very long time. This monogram will make your leather item completely unique and special for you or your loved one.

Customized Clothing: if a standard jacket, vest or a skirt does not quite fit your shape, or you need an extra inside pocket we can make some small adjustments to ensure you receive the perfect fitting item.

Bag Handles/Strap customization: if you need longer handles for your bag, or a leather strap instead of a canvas strap, we can produce the perfect bag for you.

Belt sizing: we can add extra holes or cut your belt to the perfect size if you tell us what measurement you need from the tip of the buckle to the middle hole.

Gift Wrapping: personalize your order with our gift wrapping service. We can create a beautiful gift box for you so you can receive your gift ready to be delivered to that special someone.

Customize your "Ballerina" ballet flats: choose from a vast selection of colors for your leather "ballerina" shoes. In addition, for most models you can choose a different color trim and cap toe, as well as request a double heel. Please note that the in stock ready to ship shoes are not eligible for customization.

All requests will be considered and Pierotucci will do our best to accommodate them, but to ensure the integrity of the product and the high standards in quality and design, there may be some requests that cannot be carried out.

Available customizations

To check out the available customizations for each product, simply click on the "Customizing" tab found on the product details page.

1) Monogram/Name tag

Personalize your purchase, including bags, handbags, leather garments, wallets and small accessories with our special free monogram service (a maximum of 4 characters for small products and 12 characters for big ones, spaces included). The monogram will be placed in the perfect spot at the discretion of our Master craftsman.


HOW TO REQUEST IT: Once you have chosen the product, click on the 'Customizing' tab and select 'BUY NOW' for the option you would like to add, indicate further instructions, like the text of the monogram, in the text field.

PLEASE NOTE: Products that have been monogrammed can not be returned.

In some cases where a bag or wallet cannot be monogrammed, we can create a leather tag and emboss your chosen monogram. The leather tag will then be stitched inside the bag, usually above the inside pocket. 

2) Customized "Made-to-Measure "Clothing

Since all of our jackets, skirts and pants are handmade right here in Florence, and often the sizing can vary from cut to cut, we always like to request your body measurements so that we can confirm that the item size you chose will be a perfect fit for you. Our top priority is ensuring you get the perfect "second skin" fit you want in a customized leather jacket, leather skirt, leather vest, or leather pants.

Click on this link for a simple guide to taking your body measurements.

COST: 50 euros for Pants, Skirts and Jackets.

HOW TO REQUEST IT: Once you have chosen the product, click on the 'Customizing' tab and select 'Customize Sizing'. When the purchase is completed go to the 'Orders' section and enter in the Notes & Requests field your personal measurements that we need to evaluate in order to customize the jacket.

PLEASE NOTE: Products that have been customized can not be returned.

Leather jackets can be customized upon request in certain other ways; for example adding an extra interior pocket, shortening or lengthening the sleeves, etc, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request and ensure your total satisfaction.

3) Bag handles/Strap customization

You may feel that the handle of the bag you have chosen is not quite long enough, or the shoulder strap needs to be longer or shorter. We can accommodate your requests so you have the bag of your dreams with perfect functionality.

COST: minimum 30 euros.

HOW TO REQUEST IT: Once you have chosen the product, click on the 'Customizing' tab and select 'Customize Handle Length' then "BUY NOW" for the option you would like to add. When the purchase is completed go to the 'Orders' section of your profile to communicate the length you would like the strap to be in the 'Notes & Requests' field.

PLEASE NOTE: Bags with customized handles/strap can not be returned.

4) Belt sizing

Our belts are long and very easy to shorten using a sharp knife to cut the excess length off - the reversible belts are especially easy: just remove the belt from the buckle and cut. Belts that have a screw are easy too but we are happy to shorten them to the length you desire. We find the best guide is to measure a belt you already own from the tip of the buckle to the hole that fits you the best (see measure A) and we can cut to the same measurement.


HOW TO REQUEST IT: When you have chosen your product click on the 'Customizing' tab and select the option 'Customize Belt Length'. Once you have completed the order go to your personal profile in the 'Orders' section and indicate the length in the Notes & Requests field.

5) Gift Wrapping

We will prepare a beautiful gift packaging for you. In the area dedicated to "Customizing", select the option and choose between 2 different colors:

Green or Blue

COST: 4 euros

HOW TO REQUEST IT: Once you have chosen the product, click on the 'BUY NOW' icon. In the shopping cart page, to add gift wrap, click on 'Customizing' and choose the color gift wrap then click 'Update'. You will need to do this for each item in your cart that you want gift wrapped.

6) Customize your Ballerina Shoes - Ballet Flats

Pierotucci online store offers a fabulous collection of "ballerina" ballet flats handmade in Milan - many models are made to order. They come in an amazing array of colors and very unique styles. We offer the possibility to customize your ballet flats shoes choosing a different color trim, double heel, or even a different cap toe color.

HOW TO REQUEST THEM: Once you have chosen your pair of ballet flats, click on the 'Customizing' tab and choose the customizations you would like to add to your shoes, then select 'BUY NOW' to add them to your cart.

Click on this link and discover how to personalize your Ballet Flats shoes.

NON-REFUNDABLE: Please be advised that customized products are non-refundable and orders cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed.