Realize Your Own Design

Let us help you turn your dreams and drawings into something solid and tangible. Here at Pierotucci we only need your project and some sketches to implement any leather accessory from start to finish. Our artisans analyze the feasibility of the prototypes and provide advice on the materials to be used and the best processing techniques.

Contact us: [email protected]

The Prototyping Steps:

  • We receive your project with all the details and we study it
  • At your request we can offer you suggestions about materials and design
  • We produce the prototype in a paper-model form 
  • You confirm the prototype
  • We create your Logo metal-mold (for the hot marking service)
  • We produce the Prototype (the sample) and ship it to you
  • You confirm the sample or you can request modifications
  • We enter the “production planning” phase where the production of the collection is planned. 

Why choose Pierotucci Florence

  • We are experienced, hands-on trained artisans and our products are 100% Handmade.
  • All our materials are sourced in Italy and all the processes are 100% Made in Italy (from your design concept  and the prototype to the final production). 
  • We are ready to help you.  Our Production Manager and Leather Masters are available to offer suggestions, to discuss your design and choices of materials, hardware, logo etc. We want that every aspect of your project becomes a reality.
  • We can customize any leather accessory  and help you choose the design, type of leather and discover the latest market trends.