Porselli is the emblem of excellence in the artisan production of the Italian Ballet Shoes

Renowned worldwide for its quality, elegance, sturdiness and comfort, this brand started its exclusive production path for the Dance / Ballet scene in 1919 in Milan, near the La Scala Theater.

The Porselli Factory and Store activity was born mainly to satisfy the demands and needs of the famous dancers who frequented the famous theater during a historical era in which dialog and interpersonal relationships were fundamental: this led to the consequent birth of important exchanges of ideas, advice, new friendships and requests all focused on creating the perfect ballet shoe.

It is believed that the first ballerina to truly dance en pointe - on the classical Pointe Shoes - was the very acclaimed and extraordinary Maria Taglioni. Many others, however, consider the sensational Amalia Brugnoli to be the first dancer to use the pointe technique. Regardless, what was created from the modelling, the research and the continuous improvement of the dance shoes was the first real stiff-toed ballet shoe - the modern dance Pointe Shoes - and this creation brought a turning point in the world of ballet.

Porselli created the first street ballet shoes in the 191950s to satisfy the demands for a shoe that could match the fashion of the moment - the infamous "Capri" pants - and this meant that all women could enjoy the graceful refinement and elegance typical of ballet slippers, thus becoming a ballet dancer outside the dance class.

The Porselli street flats will carry you into the limelight of your everyday life and make you the brightest star on the stage of that wonderful show called life.

Despite the worldwide demand for the ballet flats, Porselli has decided to maintain a unique and exclusive factory in which the main rule of artisanal production applies to keeping a meticulous level of traditional crafting, attention in details and choosing first quality materials for its products.

The Street Ballet Shoes are totally handcrafted and made exclusively in leather; while the sturdy leather sole has a manufacturing process that using top quality materials that makes it perfect and long-lasting.

Up until now, Porselli has created five different models of Street Ballet Shoes and their fame reaches the entire globe: "TOTAL FLAT", "BALLET STREET FLAT", "DECOLLETE'", "JAZZ" and "BOOT".

TOTAL FLAT (Biscotto)

The first Porselli Street Ballet Shoe ever created: Total Flat with the classic shape called "biscotto" - meaning "cookie" - this model was born with the same style used for the sole of the traditional Ballet Pointe shoes yet it is longer and wider so it completely covers the bottom of the shoe. The Right and the Left shoe have the same shape and will adapt to your own feet once wearing them! Comfortable, and super light weight, they are the perfect model if you want a street ballet shoe that is more similar to a real dancer's ballet shoe.

BALLET STREET FLATS (Destra & Sinistra)

Comfortable, feminine and elegant the "Right & Left" Ballet Flats are the second model of ballet street shoes created by Porselli.
This model has two new features that differ from the total flat model: a 0,5 cm heel to improve the comfort adding a little height and support to the foot, and a pre-defined shape of the left and right shoe. These are probably the most desired and popular model of Porselli street shoes and are perfect for every occasion.


Relaxed and casual, The Decolleté are perfect for someone who is looking for both comfort and elegance: the 3 cm heel will add femininity and style in a comfortable way. The heel is entirely covered with leather, in the same color as the upper part and has a protective rubber surface that makes the shoes anti-slip. This model is perfect for a career woman who wants comfort without losing the office dress-code look.

JAZZ (Lace-up shoes)

Porselli Jazz is relaxed, casual and perfect for every occasion.
This model with laces brings Porselli into a new era in Street Ballet Shoes appealing not only to ladies, but also to men offering a new UNISEX model in leather. The Jazz version is another style to add to your precious Porselli collection. A fantastic style that can be worn with many looks - skirts, pants or shorts - they work with anything!

BOOT (Ankle booties)

Elegant, comfortable and perfect for every outfit and season! The Boots are the last creation of Porselli Milan innovative but with the same softness and characteristics of the Classic Porselli models. These shoes are UNISEX, perfect for both him and her and are the future of Street Ballet Shoes. Nowadays, versatility is not only an option but a necessity and Porselli Ankle Boots are the perfect choice! These Leather Booties also have a fold over top giving them another stylish look, so you can decide to show the lining whenever you want.

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