The brand Spelta was born in Milan in 1967, but the craftsmanship tradition from the family started well before the birth of the brand: in 1957 in Parabiago, a suburb of Milan with a tradition in footwear manufacturing, iconic loafers were handmade thus establishing a product symbol of the quality of the Made in Italy.

In the early 80s the Spelta hand stitched "ballerina" (ballet flats) shoes became a real cult phenomenon in Milan, thanks to the master mix of attention to style and craftsmanship, and the constant and direct relationship the family kept with the fashion world.

Spelta Milano had great business growth in the 80s and 90s so they decided to diversify their production and introduced additional models of women's footwear. The brand has been able to maintain its identity focusing on classic but unique designs, paying attention and care to the quality of the materials and finishes of the product, with a medium-low product positioning.

Over the course of time, the Spelta "Ballerina" ballet flats have always been presented like the brand's "testimonial". Today, the Spelta Ballet Flats are still made with the traditional Goodyear stitching (stitch and lapel of the upper).

Recently, the brand has refreshed its image, still based on its values of excellence: the "Ballerina" shoe tradition, the Milan origin, the handmade manufacturing and finally the relaunch of the top models of the brand that can be purchased on our website.

The new campaign for Spelta Milano underlines the claim "Ballerine in Città" (direct translation is "Dancers in the City"), portraying various international cities which become colored thanks to the steps made with the colorful "ballerina" shoes.

Today the Spelta Milano "Ballerina" ballet flats are available where they have established a trustful relationship - in the city of Brera - and also in many prestigious fashion boutiques.

The choice of the models, the search of the materials, the imagination used in creating fantastic combinations have transformed the traditional collection while still maintaining the greatest quality, confirming Spelta as an iconic brand capable of pleasing its female clients, from grandmothers to granddaughters.

Below are the top models Pierotucci has available to purchase online.

Nicole: Soft, comfortable and always fashionable!

Be whisked away by the traditional ballet flat handmade by Spelta; the classic round toe to match with any outfit, this ballet flat by Spelta Milano adapts to any style you choose to wear.

Olga: Soft, embracing and with an incomparable style!

The high vamp Spelta "slipper" ballet flats respond to the needs of those who prefer a more pronounced upper but also for those who already own the classic ballet flats and want to vary while still remaining close to the classic design. The result is a unique ballet flat that affirms style!

Sofia: Soft, elegant, comfortable and uniquely refined!

Spelta's sophisticated "ballerina" with a subtle design that does not sacrifice comfort, the Sofia ballet flat with its refined line and squared toe distinguishes it from the other models in the collection and gives it elegance thus lending itself to classy outfits.

Betta: Soft, sweet, welcoming and unforgettable!

Spelta's lace-up ballet flats, snazzy and smart and so comfortable you will never want to take them off. Betta, with its soft and embracing lines defines your style and makes it unparalleled. The satin ribbon tie on the upper is the detail that sets it apart; completes the design and gives your outfit a classy look.