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Nothing is more convenient for traveling than a backpack in soft yet durable Italian leather.  These lightweight bags with their strong shoulder straps are the classic touch for the world class traveler who wouldn't go any where without their backpack.  Practical, stylish and definitely fashionably Italian a backpack is suitable for all ages from the young (at heart) to the mature and elegant.  Browse the collection online of handcrafted leather backpacks in several different colors of vegetable tanned leather.

Absolutely Easy to Use Backpack
322,00 €
Backpack in Washed Leather with 2 External Pockets
488,00 €
Backpack in Leather
403,00 €
You Best Friend, a Campomaggi Backpack
439,00 €
Leather Backpack
367,00 €
Backpack With Studs
380,00 €
Bally Ceripo Leather Backpack
1.095,00 €
Tabel Cross Body Bag
585,00 €
Thoma Crossbody bag for men
595,00 €
595,00 €
Transfer Elegant Backpack
795,00 €
Convenience & Beauty Drawstring Purse
263,00 €
Leather & Canvas Backpack for Kids
219,00 €