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Italian Leather Handbags

Pierotucci offers an extensive selection of ladies handbags & bags in Italian leather, SOFTY and eco-leather from the leading fashion houses in and around Florence Italy.  Each these designer handbags represents not only a tradition in fine leather goods but is a symbol of a tradition which is still passed on from father to son.  Made in Italy means that the handbags were assembled in Italy - and that they come with the assurance of quality and innovative fashion.  Choosing the perfect one for you is as easy as browse through our collection of over 200 Italian leather handbags and bags.

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Campomaggi Clutch Wallet - CP0180 VL
206,00 €
Front flap Bag with the Hand-Woven Leather Design
Front flap Bag
Cuoiofficine Wrist Pochette for Women in Marbled Leather
113,00 €
Toscanella Travel Bag Unisex in Leather
469,00 €
Designer Leather Handbags for Ladies Small
316,00 €
Gherardini - Mini purse for Women Softy
71,00 €
Large Duffle Bag in Leather
586,00 €
Shopping Bag in Leather with Canvas Handles, for women
229,00 €
Toscanella tote bag in blue woven leather
369,00 €
Large Sized Handbag in Leather, Many colors
322,00 €
Campomaggi Tote Bag - C4196 VL
462,00 €
Large Hobo Bag in Washed Leather with Studded Detailing
444,00 €
Campomaggi Wallet - CP0192 VL
136,00 €
Clutch Leather - CP0179 VL
145,00 €
Shopper Bag - C5057 VL
393,00 €
Small Sized Hand bag in Leather Handmade in Florence
287,00 €
Women's Designer Leather Handbags Large
330,00 €
Women's Leather Bauleto Bag | Toscanella
334,00 €
All Italian Leather Hobo Bag for Women
299,00 179,40 €
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