Backpacks in Italian Leather

Leather Backpacks for Men and Women

Nothing is more convenient for travelling than a backpack in soft yet durable Italian leather. These lightweight bags with their strong shoulder straps are the classic touch for the world class traveller who wouldn't go anywhere without their backpack. Practical, stylish and definitely fashionably Italian a backpack is suitable for all ages from the young (at heart) to the mature and elegant. Browse the collection online of handcrafted leather backpacks in several different colors of vegetable tanned leather.

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Toscanella 2156-VA Leather Backpack for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2156-VA

Price: 403,00

Women's Backpack in Leather

Pierotucci 5021-KN Leather Backpack with Top Handle for Women

Pierotucci 5021-KN

Price: 580,00

Backpack Jacquotte

Campomaggi C014390NDX0001 Leather Square shaped Backpack by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C014390NDX0001

Price: 480,00

Men's Square-shaped Backpack in Leather

Campomaggi C014200ND Leather Backpack with zip closure on top handmade Campomaggi

Campomaggi C014200ND

Price: 365,00

Square Shaped Leather Backpack

Campomaggi C017840ND C006410ND  Washed Leather Multipocket Backpack by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C017840ND C006410ND

Price: 472,00

Unisex Multi pocket Backpack in Distressed Leather

Campomaggi C021530 C014180ND Distressed Leather Backpack with Zip - Londra by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C021530 C014180ND

Price: 439,00

Unisex Backpack with Zip in Washed Leather

Campomaggi C007000ND X0019 Woven Leather Bucket Bag Backpack - Edera by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C007000ND X0019

Price: 464,00

Women's Backpack with Drawstring in Woven Leather

Campomaggi C023460ND Leather Backpack in black  - Campomaggi

Campomaggi C023460ND

Price: 490,00

Black Backpack in Leather - Alessandro

Campomaggi C017670ND Washed Leather & Canvas Backpack Tote Shoulder Bag by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C017670ND

Price: 308,00

Unisex Backpack and Tote Bag in Leather & Canvas

Campomaggi C019530ND Leather and Camouflage Nylon Backpack Tote Bag by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C019530ND

Price: 415,00

Unisex Army green Backpack in Leather and Nylon

Campomaggi C021660ND Leather and Nylon Army green Backpack - Firenze by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C021660ND

Price: 390,00

Unisex Army Green Backpack in Leather and Nylon

Campomaggi C018660NDX0001 Washed Leather Shopper Backpack Crossbody Bag by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C018660NDX0001

Price: 453,00

Unisex Shopping Bag Backpack in Distressed Leather

Campomaggi C006080ND X0001 Leather Vintage Style Backpack for Unisex by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C006080ND X0001

Price: 420,00

Unisex Backpack Push Button Closure in Leather

Pierotucci Floré 5036-FL Leather Crossbody Bag and Backpack - Made in Italy

Pierotucci Floré 5036-FL

Price: 225,00

Crossbody Bag & Backpack - Floré

Campomaggi C014220ND Vintage Leather Backpack Tote Bag - Londra by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C014220ND

Price: 488,00

Unisex Travel Bag Backpack in Distressed Leather

Campomaggi C018420ND Leather Fanny pack & Crossbody Bag - Esagono by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C018420ND

Price: 199,00

Unisex Waist pack Shoulder Bag in Washed Leather

Campomaggi C017500ND Leather Waist pack Crossbody Bag wtih weave - Ostumi by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C017500ND

Price: 220,00

Unisex Fanny pack Bag in Distressed Leather

Campomaggi C014480ND Leather Waist pack Crossbody Bag for Unisex - Esagono by Campomaggi

Campomaggi C014480ND

Price: 299,00

Unisex Fanny pack in Vintage Leather

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