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Pierluigi Gherardini founded his company in 1885, producing cases in Florentine leather, gradually expanding to manufacture leather accessories and bags. But certainly Gherardini is known as the creator of a special fabric called Softy, a material which is soft, silky and lightweight; it is perfect for travelling, and epitomizes style and femininity. This innovative material coupled with great individualizing features such as various colour combinations, leather accents, an abundance of pockets and practical shapes, has given these bags a uniqueness allof their own.


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The Pierluigi began to experiment with finding a solution to the drawbacks typical of leather for handbags and bags. His first development was a product called GHE Cotton, which guaranteed more resistance to yellowing and a reduced weight for the final product. The sole and constant element of decoration on the bags is the artistic “G” for Gherardini printed on this specially patented material, giving them unique Italian handbags with a signature! 

Through the 1980’s he replaced the cotton by another even lighter fabric, until finally in 2005, the greatest breakthrough occurred when the GHE Softy fabric was developed using state-of-the-art products that could significantly increase resistance to light exposure, excessive wear and wrinkles.  Combine this silky lightweight material with fabulous colors, flashy accents and state of the art designs and Gherardini was offering a truly unique and much appreciated line of designer handbags.


 Gherardini Bags

They continued to search for something even better for their handbag and accessory collection when they switched their nylon base GHE softy production to a polyester base the bags the results produced were even more lightweight and durable. The next major advance was when they updated the type of polyurethane coating used to make the bags waterproof and more resilient. Their new type of HHR (high hydrolysis resistant) polyurethane coating gives each bag multiple layers of super protection.