Pierotucci Italian Leather, Made in Florence


Pierotucci: refined Italian Leather products, Made in Tuscany

The best collection of elegant handcrafted business, messenger, travel and tote bags, as well as a wide range of leather accessories such as wallets, belts, gloves and more - all in genuine Italian leather. Designed to appeal to the more classy and traditional style, the mix of fashionable colors in Italian leather make this a collection elegant and refined.  The Men’s and Women’s Collection of Leather Jackets from Pierotucci are customized to the perfect size: an Italian guarantee. As you browse through the different categories from the Pierotucci Collection, you cannot help but admire the even stitching, the quality linings, buttons and accessories ... not to mention the obvious quality 100% Italian leather in Nappa top calf, soft embossed and Cuoio. Each piece is hand made in the Florence based workshop of Pierotucci where skilled craftsmen and women patiently cut, prep and assemble the wallets, bags and more.

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Pierotucci 5009-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Dedé

Pierotucci 5009-KN

Price: 685,00

Boxy Handbag Dedé

Pierotucci 5022-KN Leather Boxy Crossbody bag for Women - Coco

Pierotucci 5022-KN

Price: 580,00

Boxy Handbag Coco

Pierotucci 5020-KN Leather Boxy Accordion Shoulder Bag for Women - Artemisia

Pierotucci 5020-KN

Price: 595,00

Accordion Handbag Gentileschi

Pierotucci 5023-KN Leather Round Canteen Crossbody Bag for Women - Amelia

Pierotucci 5023-KN

Price: 455,00

Canteen Bag Amelia

Pierotucci 5015-KN Leather Top Handle Tote Bag for Women - Clarice

Pierotucci 5015-KN

Price: 625,00

Top Handle Tote Clarice

Pierotucci 5006-KN Leather Top Handle Dome Bag for Women - Lucrezia

Pierotucci 5006-KN

Price: 665,00

Top Handle Dome Bag Lucrezia

Pierotucci 5025-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Rita

Pierotucci 5025-KN

Price: 635,00

Turnlock Handbag Rita

Pierotucci 5026-KN Leather Bauletto Handbag for Women - Cristina

Pierotucci 5026-KN

Price: 610,00

Bauletto Bag Cristina

Pierotucci 5014-KN Leather Drawstring Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Laura

Pierotucci 5014-KN

Price: 555,00

Drawstring Handbag Laura

Pierotucci 5007-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Marie

Pierotucci 5007-KN

Price: 555,00

Boxy Shoulder Bag Marie

Pierotucci 5019-KN Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag with Strap for Women - Camelia

Pierotucci 5019-KN

Price: 540,00

Hobo Bag Camelia

Pierotucci 5010-KN Leather Convertible Satchel Bag for Women - Malala

Pierotucci 5010-KN

Price: 475,00

Top Handle Satchel Bag Malala

Pierotucci 5001-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Caterina

Pierotucci 5001-KN

Price: 590,00

Top Handle Bag Caterina

Pierotucci 5002-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel bag for Women - Mae

Pierotucci 5002-KN

Price: 599,00

Satchel Bag Mae

Pierotucci 5003-KN Leather Midi Satchel Shoulder Bag for Women - Midi Mae

Pierotucci 5003-KN

Price: 555,00

Midi Satchel Bag Midi Mae

Pierotucci 5004-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel Bag for Women - Margaret

Pierotucci 5004-KN

Price: 495,00

Mini Satchel Handbag Margaret

Pierotucci 5005-KN Leather Carryall Tote Bag for Women - Cydonia

Pierotucci 5005-KN

Price: 559,00

Tote Bag Cydonia

Pierotucci 5012-KN Leather Flapover Top Handle Handbag for Women - Lavinia

Pierotucci 5012-KN

Price: 550,00

Handbag Lavinia

Pierotucci 5016-KN Leather Carryall Tote Bag for Women - Simonetta

Pierotucci 5016-KN

Price: 630,00

Carryall Tote Bag Simonetta

Pierotucci 5017-KN Leather Double Handle Carryall Tote Bag - Aronia

Pierotucci 5017-KN

Price: 455,00

Carryall Tote Bag Aronia

Pierotucci 5024-KN Leather Crossbody Binocular bag for Women - Rosa Louise

Pierotucci 5024-KN

Price: 455,00

Binocular shape Bag Rosa Louise

Pierotucci 5008-KN Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag for Women - Halesia

Pierotucci 5008-KN

Price: 589,00

Saddle Bag Halesia

Pierotucci 5018-KN Leather Flapover Crossbody Bag for Women - Aster

Pierotucci 5018-KN

Price: 515,00

Crossbody Bag Aster

Pierotucci 5013-KN Leather Flapover Crossbody bag for Women - Erica

Pierotucci 5013-KN

Price: 460,00

Crossbody Bag Erica

Pierotucci 5011-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Contessina

Pierotucci 5011-KN

Price: 570,00

Top Handle Bag Contessina

Pierotucci 5021-KN Leather Backpack with Top Handle for Women - Jacquotte

Pierotucci 5021-KN

Price: 580,00

Backpack Jacquotte

Pierotucci 4682-TO Italian Nappa Leather Shoulder Bags

Pierotucci 4682-TO

Price: 350,00

Shoulder Bags, Royal Highness

Pierotucci 4866-CS Italian Leather Handbag for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4866-CS

Price: 435,00

Handbag for woman

Pierotucci 4865-CS Crossbody bag Italian Leather for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4865-CS

Price: 422,00

Crossbody bag for woman

Pierotucci 4864-CS Messenger bag for woman in italian leather Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4864-CS

Price: 327,00

Messenger bag leather

Pierotucci AB439-NA Leather Moto Jacket with Filigree Design for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB439-NA

Price: 670,00

Women's Single-breasted Moto Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB411-NA Leather Biker Jacket with Stud Accents for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB411-NA

Price: 652,00

Women's Asymmetrical Moto Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB442-NA Leather & Suede Reversible A-line Coat with Raglan for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB442-NA

Price: 785,00

Women's A-line Car Coat in Leather & Suede

Pierotucci AB444-NA Leather & Suede Long Swing A-line Reversible Coat for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB444-NA

Price: 1.136,00

Women's Swing A-line style Long Coat in Leather & Suede

Pierotucci AB440-NA Leather & Suede Reversible Coat A-line cut for Women Made in Tuscany

Pierotucci AB440-NA

Price: 830,00

Women's A-line 3/4 length Reversible Coat in Leather

Pierotucci AB443-NA Leather & Suede Single-breasted Peplum Blazer for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB443-NA

Price: 699,00

Women's Single-breasted Blazer Jacket in Leather & Suede

Pierotucci AB441-NA Leather Reversible Double-breasted Coat for Women Made in Tuscany

Pierotucci AB441-NA

Price: 785,00

Women's Swing Coat in Leather and Suede

Pierotucci AB418-SH Shearling Asymmetrical Biker style Coat for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB418-SH

Price: 686,00

Women's Asymmetrical zip Jacket in Shearling

Pierotucci AB445-NA Leather & Suede Reversible Classic Jacket for Men Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB445-NA

Price: 699,00

Men's Classic Jacket in Suede & Leather

Pierotucci 8180-MA Pierotucci - Wallet with Coin Case in Leather Unisex

Pierotucci 8180-MA

Price: 99,00

Wallet with Coin Case in Leather

Pierotucci 8109-TO Zipped double coin compartment 1 bill compartment 2 multipurpose pockets 4 credit card slots Snap closure Nylon lining Bi Fold wallet

Pierotucci 8109-TO

Price: 140,00


Pierotucci 534-BU Pierotucci - Key Holder with Four Hooks in Leather

Pierotucci 534-BU

Price: 21,00

Key Holder with Four Hooks in Leather

Pierotucci 529-BU Pierotucci - Pen Holder in Leather

Pierotucci 529-BU

Price: 32,00

Pen Holder in Leather

Pierotucci GI711-NA Leather Card Holder with Transparent Window Made in Tuscany

Pierotucci GI711-NA

Price: 43,00

Card Holder with Window in Leather

Pierotucci CINT02-01 Men's Italian Made Belt Buckle

Pierotucci CINT02-01

Price: 34,00

Men's Italian Buckle

Pierotucci CINT02-02 Leather Belt for Men

Pierotucci CINT02-02

Price: 34,00

Men's Leather Belt

Pierotucci DG-845/35 Italian Classic Belt Hand Stitched Blue colored

Pierotucci DG-845/35

Price: 70,00

Classic Italian Belt For Man With Stitching

Pierotucci 626-BU Leather Vertical Wallet with Card slots for Unisex Made in Italy

Pierotucci 626-BU

Price: 116,00

Unisex Vertical Wallet in Leather

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