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Pierotucci Italian Leather for Men & Women only Genuine Classical Elegance

Pierotucci:  Italian Leather

The best collection of elegant handcrafted business, messenger, travel and tote bags, as well as a wide range of leather accessories such as wallets, belts, gloves and more, all in genuine Italian leather. Designed to appeal to the elegant and international dresser, the mix of fashionable colors in Italian leather make this a collection of style and skill.  The Men’s and Women’s Collection of Leather Jackets from Pierotucci are customized to the perfect fit, an Italian guarantee.  As you browse through the four different categories from the Pierotucci Collection, you can't help but admire the even stitching, the quality linings, buttons and accessories ... not to mention the obvious quality Italian leather in nappa top calf, soft embossed and cuoio.  Each piece is hand made in the Florence based workshop of Pierotucci where skilled craftsmen and women patiently cut, prep and assemble the wallets, bags and more.

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Pierotucci 2028-TO Women's Leather Shoulder Bag, long strap

Pierotucci 2028-TO

Price: 259,00

Women's Shoulder Bag

Pierotucci 532-CU Cuoio Leather Key Lanyard, embossed Giglio

Pierotucci 532-CU

Price: 13,75

Cuoio Key Lanyard

Pierotucci 70054 Leather Key Chains Pineapple

Pierotucci 70054

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Pineapple

Pierotucci 70203 Leather Key Chains Bike shaped

Pierotucci 70203

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Bicycle

Pierotucci 70173 Leather Key Chains Bee shaped

Pierotucci 70173

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Animal

Pierotucci 70154 Leather Key Chains Chili Peppers

Pierotucci 70154

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Charms

Pierotucci 70153 Leather Key Chains Rose shaped

Pierotucci 70153

Price: 15,00 15,00

Keychain - Flower

Pierotucci 70082 Leather Key Chains Turtle Lover

Pierotucci 70082

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Animal

Pierotucci 70075 Leather Key Chains Ladybug shaped

Pierotucci 70075

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Animal

Pierotucci 70070 Leather Key Chains Dolphin shaped

Pierotucci 70070

Price: 15,00

Keychain - Animal

Pierotucci CT08-BU Italian Reversible Leather Elegant Belt, 3 Cm

Pierotucci CT08-BU

Price: 75,00

Italian Cuoio Elegant Belt

Pierotucci MPAD01-VA Italian Handmade Leather Mousepad

Pierotucci MPAD01-VA

Price: 25,00

Italian Leather Mousepad

Pierotucci CINT01-06 Elegant Men's Reversible Belt, Handcrafted in Italy, 3 Cm

Pierotucci CINT01-06

Price: 25,00

Elegant Italian Leather Reversible Belt

Pierotucci CINT01-05 Elegant Men's Reversible Belt, Handcrafted in Italy, 3 Cm

Pierotucci CINT01-05

Price: 25,00

Elegant Italian Leather Reversible Belt

Pierotucci 4866-CS Italian Leather Handbag for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4866-CS

Price: 435,00

Handbag for woman

Pierotucci 4865-CS Crossbody bag Italian Leather for woman Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4865-CS

Price: 422,00

Crossbody bag for woman

Pierotucci 4864-CS Messenger bag for woman in italian leather Pierotucci

Pierotucci 4864-CS

Price: 327,00

Messenger bag leather

Pierotucci 70185-radica Radica Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-radica

Price: 48,00

Radica Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 4682-TO Italian Nappa Leather Shoulder Bags

Pierotucci 4682-TO

Price: 350,00

Shoulder Bags, Royal Highness

Pierotucci AB361-NA/004 Kids Jacket with Assymetric Zip for Girls

Pierotucci AB361-NA/004

Price: 224,00

Kids Jacket With Patterned Lining

Pierotucci AB359-NA Jacket with Zip for Women

Pierotucci AB359-NA

Price: 431,00

Jacket with Zip

Pierotucci AB235-NA Italian Leather Pants for men, customized fit

Pierotucci AB235-NA

Price: 290,00

Leather Pants, men's

Pierotucci AB245-NA/027 Vintage Style Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB245-NA/027

Price: 430,00

Vintage Style

Pierotucci AB276-NA Black Italian Leather Coat for Men with double collar

Pierotucci AB276-NA

Price: 600,00

Black Leather Coat

Pierotucci AB283-NA Men's Blue Leather Jacket with removable collar

Pierotucci AB283-NA

Price: 875,00

Blue Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB333-NA/007 Lambskin Black Leather Jacket for Men

Pierotucci AB333-NA/007

Price: 480,00

Lambskin Black Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB338-NA/224 Excellent Fashion Sense Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB338-NA/224

Price: 875,00

Fashion Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB361-NA/007 Kids Biker Jacket With Patterned Lining, handmade in Italy

Pierotucci AB361-NA/007

Price: 224,00

Kids Biker Jacket With Patterned Lining, handmade in Italy

Pierotucci AB276-NA b Brown Italian Leather Double Collar Coat for Men

Pierotucci AB276-NA b

Price: 600,00

Brown Leather Coat

Pierotucci AB298-NA/007 Classic Men's Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB298-NA/007

Price: 572,00

Classic Men's Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB320-NA/bordo Quilted Accents on Women's Leather Jackets

Pierotucci AB320-NA/bordo

Price: 379,00

Quilted Accents Jackets

Pierotucci 1290-BU Leather Men's Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1290-BU

Price: 205,00

Men's Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 4854-BU Men's All Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 4854-BU

Price: 364,00

Messenger Bag

Pierotucci AB328-NA/007 Women's Black Fitted Italian Leather Coat

Pierotucci AB328-NA/007

Price: 585,00

Ladies Leather Coat with Detachable Extra Collar

Pierotucci 70185-nero Black Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-nero

Price: 48,00

Black Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 1334-BU Small Leather Messenger Bags for men

Pierotucci 1334-BU

Price: 163,00

Messenger bags, small

Pierotucci 70185-cuoio Cuoio Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-cuoio

Price: 48,00

Cuoio Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci F138/40 Ladies Leather Belt and Reversible Strap

Pierotucci F138/40

Price: 52,00

Leather Belt & Reversible Strap

Pierotucci AB234-NA Black Italian Leather Vest for Men, front buttons

Pierotucci AB234-NA

Price: 195,00

Leather Vest, mens

Pierotucci AB363-SH Shearling Jacket with Zip Closure

Pierotucci AB363-SH

Price: 875,00

Shearling Jacket for Men

Pierotucci 70185-rosso Red Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-rosso

Price: 48,00

Red Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci AB356-NA Jacket with Zip - Adjustable for Women

Pierotucci AB356-NA

Price: 492,00

Jacket with Zip - Adjustable

Pierotucci 554-BU Italian Leather Clutch Wallet & Coin Pocket

Pierotucci 554-BU

Price: 180,00

Clutch Wallet & Coin Pocket

Pierotucci 1268-BU Soft Grain Leather Toiletry Bag

Pierotucci 1268-BU

Price: 175,00

Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

Pierotucci AB309-CA Newest Technology in Leather Lining

Pierotucci AB309-CA

Price: 959,00

Men's Unlined Jacket

Pierotucci AB339-NA/006 Reversible laser cut jacket in dark blue color | Pierotucci

Pierotucci AB339-NA/006

Price: 554,00

Blue laser cut jacket

Pierotucci AB319-NA/nero Warm & Fashionable Black Astrakhan Coat

Pierotucci AB319-NA/nero

Price: 609,00

Black Astrakhan Jacket

Pierotucci AB325-NA/015 Ladies Reversible Blue Suede Leather Coat

Pierotucci AB325-NA/015

Price: 699,00

Ladies Reversible Coat

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