Bally is one of the most renowned luxury fashion house in the world of fashion, a manufacturer of footwear and quality accessories. Founded in a village in Switzerland in 1851, recently it celebrated a half century of excellence in leather goods of high invoice production. Its history is born from the intuition of Carl Franz Bally, manufacturer of elastic components, who went to Paris for business, she is enchanted by a model of slippers decorated and leads to his wife as a gift. During the visit in the Parisian factory where the shoes were produced he noticed that each shoe laces had similar to those that produced and from there he had the brilliant idea.

It inspired also by the possibility to increase jobs and improve the lives of the residents in his village decided to expand its business to the production of high quality shoes. Together with his brother Fritz, and with the help of a designer they founded the CF Bally in the cellar of their home in Schoenenwerd and began to produce shoes made entirely by hand. In 1854, three years later they opened the first factory in the middle of their country, and in 1870 the company Bally was already known as a leader in the footwear industry and the same year opened the first store in Montevideoin Uruguay. From that point until the end of the nineteenth century it grew exponentially from the international point of view, opening shops in Buenos Aires (1873), Paris (1879) and London (1882). In 1899 Karl Franz dies leaving the company to his sons that with the same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of enthusiasm continued the tradition begun by his father. The son has always loved textile technology has been enhanced with advanced American equipment and opens its market to the rest of world.

The Brand has acquired truly global significance, opening stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Lebanon and Turkey.The Bally brand is also one of the first companies to innovate with industrial machinery and qualified: the evolution of the brand travels with technological and industrial development.